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The veteran leader also says the Gandhi scion has destroyed the collective wisdom of party as all major decisions are now taken by his security guards, PAs.




Veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday resigned from all posts of the party citing the “immaturity” of Rahul Gandhi whom he blamed for “demolishing the consultative mechanism” in the party.

In a hard-hitting 5 page note to party interim president Sonia Gandhi, Azad claimed that a coterie runs the party while she was just a nominal head and all the major decisions were taken by “Shri Rahul Gandhi or rather worse his security guards and PAs”.

The development comes days after Azad resigned from the organisational post of Jammu and Kashmir. Ghulam Nabi Azad is one of the group of 23 leaders who were vocal about a leadership change in the Congress and not being dependent on the Gandhi family for every major decision of the Congress party.

Among the prominent Congress leaders who have left the party are Jyotiraditiya Scindia, who is now a Union minister and Jitin Prasada.

Recounting his long association with the Congress and his close relationship with Indira Gandhi, Azad said the situation in the Congress party has reached a point of “no return.”

“The entire organisational election process is a farce and a sham. At no place anywhere in the country have elections been held at any level of the organisation. Handpicked lieutenants of the AICC has been coerced to sign on lists prepared by the coterie that runs the AICC sitting in 24 Akbar Road,” Azad wrote.

Hitting out at Rahul Gandhi, Azad continued, “Since the 2019 elections the situation in the party has only worsened. After. Rahul Gandhi stepped down in a ‘huff’ and not before insulting all the senior Party functionaries who have given their lives to the party in a meeting of the extended Working Committee, you took over as interim President. A position that you have continue to hold even today for the past three years.”

Azad said that it was “worse still the ‘remote control model’ that demolished the institutional integrity of the UPA government now got applied to the Indian National Congress.”

He continued the attack on Rahul Gandhi but praised Sonia Gandhi for playing “sterling” role as Congress President in both the UPA governments.Azad’s resignation comes ahead of the 2024 elections and after indications that elections to the post of Congress chief would be postponed yet again. Congress top leadership has announced a ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

In his letter Azad said “While undoubtedly as the President of the Indian National Congress you played a sterling role in the formation of both the UPA -1 and UPA-2 governments. However, one of the major reasons for this success was that as President you heeded the wise counsel of senior leaders, besides trusting their judgement and delegating powers to them. However unfortunately after the entry of Shri Rahul Gandhi into politics and particularly after January, 2013 when he was appointed as Vice President by you, the entire Consultative mechanism which existed earlier was demolished by him.”

Azad further alleged that

all senior and experienced leaders were sidelined by Rahul Gandhi. “All senior and experienced leaders were sidelined and new coterie of inexperienced sycophants started running the affairs of the Party. One of the most glaring examples of this immaturity was the tearing up of a government ordinance in the full glare of the media by Shri Rahul Gandhi.”

“The said ordinance was incubated in the Congress Core Group and subsequently unanimously approved by the Union Cabinet presided over by the Prime Minister of India and duly approved even by the President of India. This ‘childish’ behaviour completely subverted the authority of the Prime Minister and Government of India. This one single action more than anything else contributed significantly to the defeat of the UPA Government in 2014 that was at the receiving end of a campaign of calumny and insinuation from a combination of the forces of the right-wing and certain unscrupulous corporate interests,” the Azad wrote.

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Why Investing In Toowoomba Real Estate A Wise Choice?



Toowoomba is a popular real estate hotspot located in Queensland, Australia. The region is home to 160,777 residents. The median home listing price in the destination is $459,000. Families are moving to Toowoomba to live a better life, and many wage earners have access to jobs that pay well in the nearby Surat Basin. So, if you want to buy or invest in properties in the place, you can get the help of a Toowoomba real estate company that picks the best listings for you with all the needed amenities and negotiates a fair deal between you and the seller while undertaking all the paperwork. 

The town is constantly developing into a regional centre for business and government and is becoming the primary economic driver for the region. Due to the following reasons, it is a perfect decision to invest in the booming place with the help of a Toowoomba real estate professional.

Investment Properties In Toowoomba 

Properties in the city are prized possessions, and the growth in rental demand has caused rental yields to spike. The city frequently ranks within the top 10 hotspots and has seen its value increase by 25% in the last three years. 

Common properties available in the city centre and surroundings are houses, villas, and commercial shopping centres. 

Homeowners can easily relocate to properties near markets, education centres, hospitals, and malls. Most homes consist of about 3 to 6 inbuilt spacious bedrooms, one modular kitchen with all these essential supplies, three bathrooms, open dining and living space, separate storage room, media rooms, remote lock garage, concrete paths and driveway, etc. 

Property Experts Are Ready To Help

To conveniently locate and invest in Toowoomba, homeowners can use professional help like a land or house investment expert who assists them in the selection of the most fruitful investment options with an upscale standard of living.

These expert agencies’ services include property management, rental inspections, purchasing and selling properties, etc. These and other services ensure that customers get the most luxurious spaces in the town.


Toowoomba is close to the Surat Basin, with many expanding work opportunities. Surat Basin is only 127km west of rapidly growing Brisbane. It is The Gateway and Service Town to the Basin. More than $1 billion annually is being pumped directly and indirectly into the region’s economy due to its industrial activities.

Education Facilities 

The city has more than 23 private schools in the town and vicinity. Technical colleges and the University of Southern Queensland Campus make it the perfect city to raise and educate your children. The excellent quality of education is also an important attraction for people who move to the area.


The region is well-served via Bus Queensland with frequent inter-city train and bus services. The air services are on the verge, with planned new airport investments. The acquisition is $1.055 billion for restoring the region’s transportation network, which finished on June 15, 2015.

The airport and the business park’s total expense is approximately $300 million. It is in addition to the investments in the airport after the work is complete. 

Building Boom

In the region, $3.5 billion is being invested across Infrastructure and Services. The building boom includes new retail areas: The $25 million North Point Shopping Centre was recently ready, as has the $20 million Drayton Shopping Centre and ready to go are the Garden Town and Grand Central cutting centres that are worth $150 million. 

Reasons To Invest Here

Town stats show a population rapidly growing each year, and it will continue to expand at a rate that matches the population’s growth. It also opens many employment opportunities for low-skilled and even high-skilled workers. Employment has a high and high success rate of 98.5 per cent. It is considered one of the most desirable locations in Australia as it is home to multiple-faceted industries (not dependent on any specific industry). In Toowoomba, ample affordable housing and commercial space options are available in the large vicinity, and residents can enjoy convenient and peaceful living. 

With all such features, Toowoomba real estate has proven to be a profitable opportunity because it checks most investors’ boxes and has all of the basic requirements for living.


Toowoomba is a city with a booming economy, with the highest employment rate, continuous population increase, high demand for homes, and a healthy rental yield. If you choose Toowoomba right now, you could start looking for properties in this area. However, if you’re ready to invest in an opportunity that will harvest capital growth and higher rental yields, in that case, Toowoomba is anticipated to be a long-term investment hotspot.

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Experts in India say there is no connection between heart disease and COVID booster shots



Health professionals have stated that there is no proven connection between heart problems and the precaution dosages of the COVID shots, clearing up any confusion over the effects of a booster dose of the vaccines. The scientists spoke out in support of the immunizations as queries about the consequences of booster dose on the human heart swamped social media.

There have been a few cases of heart-related problems in patients following vaccination, according to Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Professor & HOD, Cardiology, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, but there isn’t concrete proof to support this.

“Given that heart attacks do occur, this is a really difficult question. Not simply attacks, fluid surrounding the heart, and occasionally cardiac arrhythmias following vaccination. However, given that these events also occurred in the past, it is quite challenging to confirm this “he added.

However, according to Dr. Vivek, COVID can affect the heart and those who contract it may experience a flare-up of a heart condition.

“Covid can affect the heart in many ways. The most common problem which has been found is that the people who have already had heart disease, their heart disease can get flared and aggravated, and they can have heart attacks, heart failure, and also arrhythmia. Secondly, people who have not previously had heart disease but have diabetes, and blood pressure can have a heart attack, and many such cases have come which are precipitated by COVID.”

The expert advised the people undergoing recovery not to engage in moderate to strenuous exercises or gym initially for nearly six weeks.
“Go slow, and do not resume moderate to strenuous exercises or gym initially for 4 to 6 weeks post-COVID diagnosis. Patients returning to high-level sports or physically demanding occupations following confirmed heart involvement require a 3-6 months or longer period of complete rest. If you continue to experience symptoms after a few weeks, consult your doctor to rule out long covid syndrome,” he said.

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MLA Amanatullah Khan gets bail in Delhi Waqf Board case




In a case related to alleged irregularities in appointment, theft of funds, and misuse of official position as chairman of the Delhi Waqf Board, Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court on Wednesday granted bail to AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan.

After a whole day of interrogation and raids at various places, including the premises of the Okhla MLA, the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) arrested Khan on September 16.

According to the FIR, Khan, while working as chairman of the Delhi Waqf Board, had illegally recruited 32 people in violation of norms and government guidelines.

On Khan’s plea for bail, special judge Vikas Dhull had reserved judgement a day ago.

Amanatullah Khan, an AAP MLA, was given 14 days in judicial prison on Monday by the court.

Senior advocate Rahul Mehra, appearing for Khan, said no rules were violated and the allegations were at best a procedural lapse, attracting departmental proceedings.

The counsel said that the prosecution had “cherry-picked the chairman of the Waqf Board (Khan) for reasons of their choice” and that all the elements required by Section 409 of the IPC (Criminal breach of trust by a public servant or by a banker, merchant, or agent, etc.) were missing.

Mehra further said there was “absolutely no misappropriation of funds,” nor was there any prima facie evidence of any money having exchanged hands, adding “every penny was tracked and accounted for”.

According to additional public prosecutor Atul Shrivastava, the case has not progressed to the point where bail can be granted, and Khan lied to the agency about his phone being lost.

The judge also wanted to know the amount, if any, of any losses the public exchequer may have suffered as a result of Khan’s alleged misconduct.

The court remanded Khan’s alleged aide, who was also charged in the case, to a two-day ACB remand.

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Lata Mnageshkar’s birth anniversary, chowk named after her in Ayodhya



On Wednesday, the 93rd anniversary of the iconic vocalist Lata Mangeshkar’s birth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a special homage to her. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, today officially opened the crossroads in Ayodhya that bears the late playback singer’s name. Inauguration of the “Lata Mangeshkar Chowk” took place in the presence of G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of Tourism.

At the crossing, a massive sculpture of a veena measuring 40 feet long and 12 feet high with a depiction of Goddess Saraswati inscribed on it was placed. The prime minister virtually addressed the ceremony for the installation of the Maa Saraswati veena, stating that it will serve as a symbol of musical harmony.

“The 92 white lotus of marble in the chowk complex depict Lata Ji’s lifespan,” said PM Modi. He added that Ram is about to come to the grand temple of Ayodhya and before that, the name of Lata didi, who has honoured the name of Ram among crores of people, has been established with the city of Ayodhya forever.

PM Modi said, “I have so many memories associated with Lata didi, so many emotional and affectionate memories.” The familiar sweetness of her voice mesmerized me every time he spoke to her, the prime minister stated.

PM Modi highlighted that the chowk in Ayodhya, named after the singer, will also serve as a place of inspiration for people associated with the world or arts and culture in the country. The place will indicate that apart from staying connected with the roots of India as well as moving towards modernity, it is also our duty to take India’s art and culture to every corner of the world, the prime minister further stated. Taking pride in the thousands of years old heritage of India, it is also our responsibility to pass on the culture of India to the new generation, he said.

Born on September 28, 1929, Lata Mangeshkar began her career in 1942 at the age of 13. In a career spanning seven decades, the melody queen recorded songs for over a thousand Hindi films. She recorded her songs in over 36 regional Indian and foreign languages. She is known as the ‘Queen of Melody’ and ‘India’s Nightingale’

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Social Media Campaign: A 10 Point Plan for Taking Your Business to the Next Level



Social media is one of the best ways to reach your customers authentically. It’s a way for companies to connect with their audiences, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. But it takes more than just posting on Facebook or Twitter every few weeks. Here are ten steps you can take as part of your social media campaign:

Identify the Opportunities in Your Data.

There are many types of information that you can collect. Data is the currency of our time, and you need to collect all of it, take notes on what matters, and use it to make decisions. You should also be constantly reviewing your data to see if there are any patterns or trends that emerge.

How do I collect my data?

To start with, you’ll need a good CRM platform (customer relationship management) that allows you to store all the data about your customers, prospects, and leads in one place. From there, here’s how I recommend categorizing your contacts:

  • Contacts who have made a purchase from me in the past 12 months-these are my “hot leads” because they’ve shown an interest in my product/service or brand by buying from me before-so now; we’re just following up with them!
  • New contacts who have visited my website within the last 30 days-these people haven’t had contact with me yet, but they’ve at least visited my site recently, so let’s follow up with them too!

Understand How to Listen to Your Audience’s Conversation.

Social media listening is a great way to understand what your audience is saying about your business. You can use online tools that listen for mentions of your brand and then provide you with information about those conversations, such as:

  • How often do people talk about you?
  • What kind of content are they sharing?
  • Who are the influencers in the conversation (influencer marketing)

With this information, you can decide how to engage with your customers on social media. You may respond directly to someone talking about your brand or want to monitor the conversation to be aware of any issues that arise.

Build a Community and Add Value Through Social Media.

Photo by Zephyr18  on

Now that you’ve got a handle on your target audience and have developed a strategy, it’s time to build your community.

To do this, you need to offer value in exchange for their attention and engagement. Create content that provides valuable information or entertainment. Engage with them as much as possible by responding to comments, asking questions, and offering tips.

Don’t be afraid to give away some of your knowledge if it will help others succeed in the social media world. You never know who will see what you wrote and pass it on further down the line! And don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed—it can only help strengthen the bond between you and your followers!

Deepen Customer Relationships by Providing Support on Social.

You probably already provide customer support on social media, but do you have a plan? You may be surprised at how much more effective your response can be if you consider how best to handle customer issues as they arise.

  • Provide support in real-time. Customers want answers now – not tomorrow or next week. If someone needs help with an issue and sees no one is responding to them, they will likely move on to another brand that provides quick responses.
  • Provide relevant support for each customer’s needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to social media engagement; what works well for one person may fail miserably with someone else because their needs are different from yours (e.g., if they are looking for advice while another person wants just basic information).
  • Use analytics data and other research findings to determine where your efforts should go! For example: “80% of our clients come from X state, so we should focus our attention there first.”

Take a Stand on an Issue.

This is one of the most effective ways to show your audience that you are committed to improving their lives or making them better than they would be without your product or service. It’s also a great way to build brand loyalty since people like feeling like they’re part of something bigger than themselves—and in this case, that means being on the same side as you and agreeing with your point of view.

Take some time to research what’s happening in society and identify an issue that matters to you. Then write why it matters so much; what makes this an important topic? What do you feel needs to happen? Finally, take a position: Do you agree with how things are currently being handled? Why or why not?

Discover Your Brand Personalities With the Help of Social Media.

Social media is an excellent tool for discovering your brand personality. Let’s take Instagram as an example since it’s one of my favorite platforms for getting to know my business.

When you first start using Instagram, it can feel like a lot of work: what should I post? How often should I post? What kind of content should I share? But once you get the hang of it, posting on social media becomes second nature. You’ll see what works best for your audience and where your brand shines most brightly. And this will help with your overall strategy!

Ask yourself these questions when building out your social media platform:

  • What is my personality like offline? For example, am I funny or severe? Am I bold or quiet? Am I always very punctual or constantly late (like me)? All those attributes are part of who we are in real life—and they transfer over into our online presence too! So how do those traits translate into how we use social media channels like Facebook or Twitter?

Address Customer Pain Points in Real-Time Across Channels.

Respond to customer complaints, compliments, questions, and requests for help in real-time across channels. Social media is a great way to engage with your customers like Instagram or Facebook and get them talking about your brand. But it’s also a powerful tool for resolving customer issues and building loyalty. You can quickly respond to any complaint or compliment by responding directly through social media—and then follow up with the appropriate channel (email or phone). This will show customers that their concerns are being taken seriously while also boosting their perception of how responsive you are as an organization.

Additionally, when addressing competitors’ complaints on social media, try not to be defensive or argumentative; instead, approach this from an objective standpoint: “We hear what our competitor is saying about us; what would we do differently? What can we learn from this experience? How can we improve ourselves?”

This is another way to put your customers first and show them you’re listening.

Think About Your SEO Strategy Outside the Box.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but using the right tools and techniques can also drive traffic to other places on the Internet. Here are some ideas for reaching new audiences:

  • Your email list. You can share links with customers and potential customers through an email newsletter or marketing campaign.
  • An app or mobile site (if you have one). If you already have a mobile app or website optimized for mobile browsing, social media is an excellent channel for promoting those assets!

Integrate and Personalize for Deeper Engagement.

Integrating your social media presence with your website is one of the most effective ways to create a seamless experience for customers already familiar with your brand. This can be done through links, buttons, banners, or other means on each platform. It’s also essential to integrate email marketing efforts so that customers are aware of new content on social media platforms when they sign up for emails from you or visit any part of the website where they might be contacted by email (e.g., at checkout).

Personalization goes beyond just showing a customer’s name in an email signature—it also means tailoring product recommendations based on past purchases and interests and understanding how people use different channels (email vs. Twitter vs. Facebook) to coordinate campaigns accordingly.

Find Influencers That Are Relevant to You and Engage With Them.

You’ve probably heard the term “influencer” thrown around in marketing circles, and you might have a solid idea of what it means. But if you don’t, here’s how it certainly works for your business. An influencer is someone with a large following on social media who can influence others to buy something or try something new. It could be anyone from a celebrity to your own daughter’s friend at school—it doesn’t matter how well-known they are; all that matters is the size of their reach.

It may seem daunting to start reaching out to these people. Still, by using the right keywords when searching for them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (or even Google), you’ll find plenty of individuals who share similar interests as yourself looking for connections! Many influencers are happy to engage with brands via social media; some will even take it offline by inviting companies like yours out for lunch so they can learn more about how your business works! So get out there and start connecting with other businesses—there’s no better way than through online networking opportunities such as those available through The Social Networking Club!”

Take Away:

If you’re starting, it can be daunting to take on the world of social media. But remember that the most important thing is to make sure you’re having fun and trying something new—even if it doesn’t work out, there’s no failure! We hope these tips will give you a good start on your journey into an exciting new world of online interaction.

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Bhagat Singh Chair to be set up at GNDU, announces Punjab CM



Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday announced the setting up of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chair at Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar.

The Shaheed Bhagat Singh Youth Awards, which had been put on hold for a while, were declared to be coming back by the chief minister. The airport in Chandigarh, which was on Wednesday given the martyr’s name, will get a 5-D statue of the freedom fighter, he claimed, thanks to the Punjab government.

When speaking at a state-level event commemorating Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s 115th birthday in his hometown of Khatkar Kalan, Mann stated, “The goal of creating the Chair is that students will perform research on the life of martyrs so that society will not forget their sacrifices and values.”

He said that Khatkar Kalan is a holy place from which everyone gets inspiration.

Deputy speaker Jai Kishan Singh Rori, cabinet minister Brahm Shankar Jimpa, Minister Anmol Gagan Mann and other leaders were present on the occasion.

Mann paid floral tributes to the freedom fighter at the museum and honoured his kin besides those of martyr Sukhdev.

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