‘Gangs in the Punjab have been nurtured by Congress and Akali Dal,’ says Mann at India News Manch


While speaking at the biggest political conclave India News Manch, Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann said that all the gangs in the Punjab have been nurtured by Congress and Akali Dal. He further said that the people who themselves are responsible for the incidents of killings and sacrilege during their regime are demanding peace and harmony.

The Chief Minister when asked about the killing of Siddhu Moosewala and gangster Goldy Brar, said that incident was very unfortunate and shook the entire nation. While not spilling much beans about Brar he said that he is the mastermind who is working from abroad adn the entire matter is a top secret.  

While being questioned about attacks on police stations and drones being seized, he says that Punjab being a border state is always under the radar of the neighbouring country and we work in coordination with the federal government, BSF and NIA and earlier the problem was restricted to only drugs but now the menace is expanded to drones. But our Punjab Police and BSF are well competent to combat these issues.

Mann said that they not only won MCD elections but also acquired 13 % vote share in Gujarat Polls and became a national party in only 10 years. “The biggest achievement is that people have accepted our agenda. This very agenda became the stepping stone for Aam Aadmi Party to transform into a national party.”

Mann said that while other governments usually work in the final 6 months of their tenure just before the elections, Aam Aadmi Party on the other hand started working as soon as it came into the power. 87 % of electricity bills have dropped to 0. He further emphasized on suspension of MLA pensions.  

Ever since the party launched corruption helpline number, approximately 250 people have put behind the bars. The party also zeroed in on its own minister Vijay Singla who was charge with corruption for allegedly bribing a public servant.