Gandhi seeks JPC probe into allegations against Adani group


Targeting the BJP-led government over allegations concerning the Adani group, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the Prime Minister of “being quiet” and said the least that should be done is a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe.
Addressing a press conference here, Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of “protecting one person” and asked “why he is not forcing an investigation”.
Gandhi referred to the G20 Summit being hosted by India and the reports on the Adani group in two British papers and said the allegations impact perception about India.
The Congress leader said the issue affects India’s reputation, especially because of G20 Summit and alleged that PM Modi’s “reputation is on line”.
“…It is very important that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi clears his name and categorically explains what is going on. At the very least, A JPC should be allowed and a thorough investigation should take place. I don’t understand why the PM is not forcing an investigation? Why is he quiet and people responsible are not put behind bars? This raises a very serious questions on the PM just before G20 leaders come here…It is important that this issue is made clear before they (G20 leaders) arrive,” Gandhi said.
Gandhi, who is in Mumbai to take part in the meeting of the Opposition leaders, said the current flavour is G20 and it is about India’s position in the world.
“What is very important for a country like India is that there is a level playing field and transparency in our economic environment and businesses that operate here. Today morning, two global financial newspapers have raised a very important question. These are not any random newspapers. These newspapers affect investment in India and the perception of India in the rest of the world…,” he said.
“Just before the leaders of G20 are coming here, they are going to be asking what is this special company that is owned by a gentleman close to the PM and why is it in an economy like India this gentleman is being given a free ride?” he asked. Alleging round-tripping in some funds concerning the Adani group, he asked whose money was involved. He also raised questions about the probe held in the past.