From ‘Ravanahatha’ to ‘Rudraveena’, ancient musical instruments to be played at G20 special dinner


The G20 leaders’ special supper on Saturday night will feature a musical performance with vintage classical instruments like the “Ravanahatha” and the “Rudra Veena,” among others.
The ceremonial supper, which will take place tonight at the Bharat Mandapam location of the G20 Leaders Summit in the capital, will honor the nation’s rich musical legacy, which combines a variety of traditional and modern music genres.
President Murmu will host a dinner during which the “Gaandharva Aaradhyam” group will perform “Bharat Vadya Darshanam,” or “Musical Journey of India.” The leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies have gathered for the 18th G20 Leaders Summit.
“Ancient musical instruments like the “Ravanahatha” to the “Rudra Veena,” as well as the tabla and piano, will be played during the three-hour performance at the G20 special dinner,” said Minister of State Meenakashi Lekhi to ANI.
We still enjoy Hindustani and Carnatic music nowadays. The President Murmu-hosted event will feature performances by artists with special needs. For all of us, this would be a very proud occasion, Lekhi remarked.