Details of BE allocation under Non-Salary (Revenue) Budget and Capital Acquisition Budget of Indian Army during the five year period of 2017-18 to 2021-22 and previous five year period of 2012-13 to 2016-17 is given in the below chart. The below figures indicate that there has been substantial increase of 27.69% in the five year period of 2017-18 to 2021-22 over 2012-13 to 2016-17. Further, the operational efficiency matches the technological advancement commensurately.


There are 9 Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) making defence-related equipments under Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence. The details of defence PSUs making defence-related goods in which Government has already decreased its shareholding in the last three years, are as follows:

Disinvestment in defence PSUs is done to bring in financial autonomy, facilitate people’s ownership and improve their efficiency through accountability towards its stake holders. It also provides an opportunity to the citizens to participate in the wealth and prosperity of these organisations. To meet the challenges in defence sector, including the emergencies, the Government has taken multi pronged actions for indigenisation and manufacturing of defence items within the country. Two Positive lists (erstwhile Negative list) of indigenisation comprising of 209 items have been notified for placing these items under import embargo with specified timelines. Further, defence PSUs under Department of Defence Production have modernized their infrastructure, created new capacities and have developed a robust supply chain in the form of extensive vendor base to ensure production of defence equipment. Additionally, to enhance functional autonomy, efficiency, unleash new growth potential and innovation in Ordnance Factories, Government has approved corporatisation of Ordnance Factory Board into 7 defence PSUs. Besides this, there are 9 DPSUs including shipyards & 542 defence licensees in the private sector which contribute to the defence production within the country to meet emergency requirements.


SPARSH hosts all requisite security features. The system has also been security certified by an independent third-party auditor and Ministry of Defence-designated cyber-security agency. Service Centres have been set up to ensure access for old age, disabled pensioners, those living in remote areas or those who are unable to avail online access for any reason. Banks also function as Service Centres where pensioners can register their grievances or monitor their disposal. An agreement has been signed with State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank in this regard.


As per current pension structure applicable to Armed Forces personnel, following pensionary awards are given:

• Retiring Pension/Service Pension

• Retiring Gratuity/Service Gratuity

• Special Pension/Special Gratuity

• Invalid Pension/Invalid Gratuity

• Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity

• Disability Pension/War injury pension

• Ordinary Family pension/Special Family pension/Liberalized Family pension

• Dependent pension/Second life award of special family pension/Liberalized family pension

• Family Gratuity

Pension is calculated at 50% of the last emoluments drawn by the individual. The minimum qualifying service for earning a service pension is 20 years in case of commissioned officers and 15 years in case of Personnel Below Officer Rank. Pension in respect of Armed Forces personnel has increased from time to time on the basis of recommendations of various Central Pay Commissions. In addition, various Government policy letters have been issued from time to time which resulted in increase in pension/family pension.


As per the report of Security Forces/Ministry of Home Affairs, the number of infiltration cases and number of infiltrators who were killed and apprehended during 2021 (up to 30.06.2021) are as under:

In addition, 11 illegal infiltrators along Indo-Nepal Border have been apprehended in this year (up to 30.06.2021). No cases of infiltration have been reported at India-China border. At the Indo-Myanmar Border, post military coup which came into effect from 01.02.2021, 8486 Myanmar nationals/refugees crossed over into India, out of which 5796 were pushed back and 2690 are still in India. Infiltrators apprehended by the Border Guarding Forces are handed over to the concerned State Police.

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