From aeronautical engineering to achieving new heights in chemical industry, Dipak Choudhary shares his journey

Dipak Choudhary
Dipak Choudhary

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list, Dipak Choudhary, Director & CEO, PMD Chemicals Private Limited talked to us. Choudhary shared with us his industry insights about different challenges and thoughts behind businesses and product developments.

 Talking about how he began his journey with PMD Chemicals and bringing their operations to India, Choudhary said “My background is as an aeronautical engineer, but I came into the chemical company, and I worked in various positions. It was in 2011 I decided to bring one company to India. There were so many companies in the pipeline but I went to the PMD UK, and we finally decided to start the operation in India during 2012.”

Choudhary mentions the USP of PMD chemical which differentiates it from the others in the industry, “We develop our products after discussion with customers and their requirements. We understand what their needs are. It should be user friendly for them as well as our products would be environmentally friendly. In the chemical industry, being environmentally friendly is very much important and our company takes proper care of that.”

Achieving excellence in the chemical industry sector, Choudhary talks about his biggest achievement. “I started this company from scratch again. In 2012, no one knew about the PMD in India, but now this company is so much popular. In the UK, we were supplying Rolls Royce and all the big companies over there.That is the achievement I can say starting from a scratch to where it is today. I’m very proud to say we are a profitable company in India.”

Sharing about the future plans for the company and himself, Choudhary tells us, “In the school we are taught to make the five year plan but right now it will not work because the landscape changes. The reality over here is everyday one has to pay for new things. Whatever ventures we have, I have to plan it accordingly. Also I don’t want to waste valuable time on drafting the five years plan rather we are working on the six months or a year.”

On a personal front, Choudhary talked about what made him shift his career paths after completing his studies, from an aeronautical engineer into the chemical industry. “When I passed out in 1992, that time, there was no scope for the aeronautical engineers. The only company was the Indian Airlines, Air India or the Defence. They were just taking the person coming out from Indian Air Force. Just as time passes, I entered into this chemical industry and especially the electroplating, I found it challenging. Today, I am into this industry and I’m really enjoying it.”

In the concluding note, Choudhary shared his company’s excellence mantra, “Our excellence mantra is that your future requires our liquid. Because whatever our products are in liquid, and anything starting from the needle of the aeroplane or the BrahMos all requires our chemistry. Our main mantra is processing chemistry, and the metal finishing deposit.”