Fresh posters targeting Centre appear in Hyderabad over delay in a flyover construction


Fresh posters appeared on Tuesday on a pillar of an under-construction flyover in Hyderabad asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi in how many more years will the Uppal-Narapally flyover be completed.

Posters appeared on the pillars of the Uppal Narapally flyover which is under construction on Tuesday. The posters claim that the construction work of the flyover was started in May 2018 but even 40% of the work has not been completed yet.

The posters with the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi question in how many more years will the flyover be completed.

In the second week of March, serval posters surfaced on public walls across Hyderabad calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “destroyer of democracy” and “grandfather of hypocrisy”.

Earlier in the month, Delhi Police arrested several persons for allegedly putting up posters against PM Modi. The posters calling for the ouster of PM Modi with the slogan ‘Modi Hatao Desh Bachao’ were found pasted in several parts of the city.

The Delhi Chief Minister also hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the incident earlier in the month.”I don’t know why the Prime Minister is so scared. What difference will it make if some people paste the posters? Modi ji is fighting with the printing people and those who paste posters. It does not suit such a powerful Prime Minister of a great country would clash with the printing and the poster-pasting people”, CM had said.

More than 100 FIRs were registered and six people were arrested in connection with the matter.