Form inclusive government, lift curbs on women, Taliban urged


China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan in the second informal meeting of their Foreign Ministers on Thursday released a joint statement, urging Taliban to form an inclusive government, Pakistan-based Khaama Press reported.
The meeting was held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, in the framework of the 4th Ministers’ meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries. A joint statement called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic groups and political institutions. The statement also asked the Taliban to lift all restriction against women and ethnic minorities in the country. The statement also emphasized that a peaceful Afghanistan is in the international community’s interest and that the country should be a place for international cooperation rather than geopolitical rivalry, according to Khaama Press.
The US and its allies were blamed for the current state of affairs in the country and asked for the immediate lifting of unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan and releasing its assets to benefit the people. It has been two years since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, but no countries have yet recognized it.”Pressure, imposition of pressure and threats, these methods should be put aside, and they should engage with the Islamic Emirate so that the Islamic Emirate can take responsible actions regarding some issues, some laws and other issues in the world,” Mujahid said, as quoted by TOLO News reported. Mujahid in an interview with Afghanistan-based television channel Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) said that Daesh has been controlled.