Five ways to brighten up your home in summer


Spaces vibing with the season are the most interesting ones. Indian summers, in particular, call for a major makeover in the interior to save it from the weather’s rage while creating an ambiance that blends with the character of the season. All you need is some revamping in the textiles, new prints on the walls, fresher hints in the materials, and a rejuvenating summer spirit spawned by the restyling of mood boards.


The summer air carries the scent and flavour from the outdoors to the interiors of space, and it’s a reminder to go natural with this season. Linking the outdoors to the indoors with its calming energy also makes the space feel bigger. The easiest way to do that is by introducing fresh flowers and indoor plants into the interiors. Forge the fresher, original character of the materials by including eco-friendly material palettes with raw wood, ceramic, or stone in furniture, décor, or even backdrops. Solid ceramic vases, seamless wooden tables, rough-cut stone backdrops, and more leave a lasting dose of freshness and tranquillity in the space without suffocating it with layers.


Breathable spaces are the first desire of the exhausting season. Keep your home airy with lighter, preferably semi-sheer fabrics like slub cotton, linen, etc., along with the curtains, tapestries, and upholsteries. Replace the heavy winter throws with neat, trimmed finishes in upholstered pieces like sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and pouffes with neutral-toned fabrics. Add a slight twist to the furniture with woven pieces made out of rattan, bamboo, wicker, or cane. These materials can come together as larger pieces such as recliners, chairs, and consoles or add smaller accents such as baskets, planters, or even headboards.


Summer is all about the sun and its open invitation to the home, which shifts the spotlight from the enclosed walls to the openings like windows. Take a closer look at the window treatments and consider adding more solar shades like bamboo or wooden louvers or linen blinds to filter the incoming heat waves. A blackout curtain becomes a must for that harsh time of the day. If you have a balcony, adorn it with blooming flowers and reviving herbs, and create an island for some evening tea. In the case of open sit-outs or backyards, go bigger with garden furniture sets under a greenhouse setup or a floral pergola to create a retreat atmosphere at home.


Summer vacation is a term in itself. Indian summers are incomplete without the vacation vibe. Induce the feeling of recreation and travel in the interiors with tropical prints in hand-embroidered throws or leafy wallpapers, or nautical sculptures and souvenirs. You can also bring in a more experiential element with picnic setups in the backyard, cocktail counters by the kitchen, or bar cabinets in a quiet corner of the living room. This calls for a mix of texture and character, with indoor tepees and floor cushions for the picnic scene, a luxurious bar cabinet and barstools for the cocktails, and so on. Try a makeshift setup with a versatile colour language and reflect your mood with every passing day.


The season takes us up and down the extremes, just like the unpredictable weather. The colour themes too favour the extremes: the delicious sorbet colours and the subtle earthen colors, both befitting the summer character. If you want your space to be beaming with joy and cheer, try the palettes with mustard, lime, coral, aqua, or even shades of mango that lift the spirit. On the other hand, if you yearn for a more calming and tranquillizing aura, go with the olive, taupe, fawn, etc. that quietens the tone of the interior. Avoid chaotic palettes with a mix of both characters and stick to a singular choice for a more cohesive composition of the entire space.

The author is Creative Director of I’m The Centre for Applied Arts.