Five quirky mobile apps surprisingly exists

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Being serious and deadpan all the time is not how to live. To keep us sane, we occasionally need a little bit of insanity. So, in this vein, these funny apps are made so users may have a good time by themselves or with others and make memories they can laugh about for years. Since the majority of these peculiar apps are free to download, their allure is increased.

  • S.M.T.H

Who would have imagined that the acronym actually means “Send Me to Heaven”? The player tosses the phone as high as they can, kind of like in a sport. They accrue more points as the bar rises. You can compete on a variety of leaderboards, including Facebook Friends, Week Top 10, Daily Top 10, Local Top 10, and World Top 10. The higher you toss your phone in the air, the more points you get. All you need to do is make sure that the phone doesn’t rotate while in the air.

  • The fake chat conversation

The Fake Chat Conversion software is without a doubt one of the craziest and most fantastic downloads. Because seeing is believing, you can make up a fake profile and hold phoney discussions that seem real. It supports emoji and allows you to make phoney calls and voicemails. The first use of the app is to allow you to play mind games with your buddies. Second, you can seem to be busy at a gathering by having a phoney conversation with the person you want to avoid speaking to.

  • Milk the cow

It’s time to get your hands dirty. You can milk the cow with the app Milk the Cow. If milking a cow was ever on your bucket list, here is the moment to check it off. Get the app, and fill the bucket with milk as quickly as you can. To compete with others, earn high scores and make the leaderboard.

  • Binky

A social media app called Binky takes away the social aspect of the platform. You get everything else, and you can scroll through an unending stream of random items. On things you enjoy, you can like them and leave comments. Even the left-and right-swipe actions made popular by the Tinder app are possible. You may reblog posts using the app, which is comparable to Twitter’s retweet feature. However, nothing is occurring, so everything you do is useless. No one is able to see your likes, rebinks, or swipes. They are only used by the app to simulate using yet another social media platform. Utilize Binky if you want to use social media but not be social.


  • I am Bread

The names of most of the bizarre apps are quite humorous, but this one wins out. In this game, you play as the bread, and your goal is to get through all eight levels to become toast. To finish the game, go through the kitchen before exploring the garden and other areas of the house outside. Even though it is one of the more common adventure games, the fact that you play as bread gives it a spot on the list of humorous mobile applications.