Tea is a well-known refreshing drink in numerous nations. Tea is more than just a refreshment in a tea-loving world. It’s an open door to reconnect with hundreds of years of legacy while finding luscious flavors. True tea lovers are ready to pay a premium for the greatest tea. Here is a list of world’s most expensive teas. 

Da Hang Pao 

The Chinese tea is one of the most expensive black teas in the world. This tea is worth more than 30 times its weight in gold, with one gram of tea costing $1,400 because the leaves are gathered from trees that have been growing on the mountains for more than 300 years. 

Panda Dung Tea 

Panda Dung tea is the tea version of kopi luwak, an Indonesian coffee prepared from the dung of civet cats. The dung of panda bears is used to nourish these particular tea leaves and costs $35000 per pound. 

Darjeeling Tea 

Darjeeling tea bag is a British tea that is well-known for its delectable teas. In 2005, the tea firm introduced a Darjeeling tea in a diamond-encrusted tea bag to celebrate their 75th anniversary. It costs $15000/- bag as the bag has 280 2.56-carat diamonds and a delicate white gold chain. 

Vintage Narcissus 

The Wuyi Mountains produce Vintage Narcissus, an oolong tea. It has yellow gold tea buds and a multi-layered flavour unlike any other. The oolong tea has been severely oxidised (approximately 60%), giving it a chocolatey, woodsy taste with floral and nutty overtones. It costs $3250 per pound. 

Tieguanyin Tea 

The Iron Goddess of Mercy, a Buddhist goddess, is the inspiration for this costly oolong tea. The tea was created in the early 19th century in the Fujian region of China. The most costly tea offered in the United Kingdom is Tieguanyin. It costs $1500 per pound.