Five fashion faux pas women should avoid


We are living in an era where there are not too many fashion rules. Thus, the go-to move is to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable.

Yet, even the outfits that seem to be effortless aren’t that easy to style. From matching different patterns and colours to picking out accessories, it takes a lot of thought. Here are some of the most common fashion mistakes to avoid.

1. Unbalanced proportions: To balance the proportions is all about styling in a way that makes your outfit look in harmony. It is important that you wear outfits as per your body shape. If you want to play with a baggy look, make sure you balance the rest of the outfit with a fitted look. For example, pair that baggy wide leg with a fitted crop top, or a baggy sweater with skinny fit jeans. 

2. Overdoing or underdoing colours: Use the colour wheel to balance out the colours of your fit. As your comfort level increases, you will know which colour combination suits you best. But, too many colours in a single outfit can make your outfit lose its relevance. Choose an interesting combination of colours, be it bold or pastels. 

3. Overloading of accessories: Too many accessories can actually ruin your entire outfit. It can take away the charm of your outfit. Make sure you choose a single statement piece and keep other accessories minimal. 

4. Wrinkled Clothes: it is undoubtedly the most common and the most avoidable fashion faux pas. You may be wearing the trendiest shirt or the cutest flowy dress, but if it’s wrinkled, it will lose its charm. Looking shabby has never worked out for anyone. A well-ironed or crisp fit makes you look more poised and presentable.

5. Inappropriate Dressing: We can always add a touch of our personal style to our outfits for the office or special occasions, but completely ignoring the dress code is a faux pas. Read the room well before finalising your outfit. 

It’s time to ace up your fashion game by avoiding these small fashion mistakes. 

The writer is the CEO and co-founder of BoStreet.