First and foremost Tricolour in Foreign Land

National Flag

76th Indian independence is indeed joyous and cheerful occasion, we Indian pay gigantic and
grateful homage to all those who suffered and made sacrifices for India’s freedom. The rule
Of law and democracy has succeeded. The idea of sport as tool to side by side peace and harmony in the continent was propounded by India during London Olympic Games in 1948, just a year after independence. Due to the thumping of Indian hockey led by late Krishan lal and late Balbir singh (senior), late R.s.gentle and late Lesile cludius, other key players were all super shining stars. It was here that the Indian National anthem transmitted across the Great Britain, even as the Tricolor went up flag pole after India won the hockey title. The 1948 Olympic hockey final was the first meeting between the Great Britain and India. India outplayed Great Britain 4-0 at the Wembley stadium, London. It was the cherish movement for India’s sport to settle its identity. Great Britain hockey team did not participate in the Olympic Games until Olympics 1948 London, by which time India was an independent nation. India was an early hockey powerhouse winning six consecutive gold medals between (1928-1956). India did not concede a single goal in 1928 and 1956. India was considered the most successful team during the Olympic games. India won 8 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze medal. No doubt, India had the advantage of geographically vast area and population. The biggest challenge for India is faced was laying of hockey surface and other requirements. The players were accustomed to play on grass fields in the village and the countryside. The necessity was to develop AstroTurf in all villages and district to meet with Olympic and International standard. The British army may have brought hockey to India in 19th century but it was India de-facto National sport. The Astroturf was first adopted in the 1970s. In London Olympic hockey victory became a source of devoted and disciplined celebration of Indian public. After the thumping win, the viceroy Lord Irwin sent a telegram of the team manager B. rosser “please convey to Jaspal singh and all members of the team heartiest congratulations on their magnificent victory”. India high commissioner V.k.krishna menon, first high commissioner in London came running to congratulate the team. The great victory Celebration continued for many days in Delhi and elsewhere. Post-Independence has been Notable for Indian sport from incredible success of the Indian hockey team such as cricket,
chess, boxing, badminton, table tennis, shooting, wrestling and weightlifting and so forth.
September 19, 2020 became historic day in weightlifting and also for Indian woman to win an Olympic game medal. When Karnam malleshwari (69 kg) became the first Indian woman to win an Olympics medal, Abhinav bindra changed the prospective on august 11, 2008. An Unprecedented pride filled the hearts of Indians around the world from hearing Jan Gan Man being played in China. Olympic games are the foremost sporting event in the World
“The Mount Everest of sports” as per Olympian historian late John Lucas(1927-2010). After about 23 years on august 7, 2021 javelin thrower Neeraj chopra won a gold. In fact, first- ever athletics gold medal throwing the javelin 87.58m, the youngest ever athlete created an unprecedented pride again filled hearts of Hindustani around the globe upon hearing Jan Gan Man being played in Tokyo Olympic games. Sushil kumar became the first Indian wrestler to win two Olympic medals after independent India. While P.V.sindhu also the first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals. Sindhu bags silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics , Sindhu bags bronze at the Tokyo Olympics .