Finally, Manipur gets Delhi’s attention


The Opposition has set the tone for a stormy Monsoon session. The rapes and sexual harassment of women and the ethnic violence that has been engulfing Manipur for the last few months, have finally found national concern and the Opposition is right in raising this in Parliament. The government seems to be on the back-foot. The government has highlighted atrocities against women and weaker sections of society that are taking place in Congress-ruled states.
However, the Opposition has stepped up its demand for the PM to make a comprehensive statement on the floor of the House. All too recently, the capital saw national sportswomen accusing the national wrestling federation chief of sexual harassment. Without going into the merits of the accusation, the accusations themselves have not sent a reassuring message. And with the Manipur videos showing women being paraded naked and groped going viral, the Centre will have to step in and send a strong message across the country. A torn resignation letter doesn’t quite cut it. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam Chief Minister, was in the capital when Parliament opened and has been meeting the Home Minister and the BJP chief.
Clearly, a solution is being worked out for Manipur cannot now be pushed back to the backburner. Earlier, the ethnic violence in the state did not make it to national news. The Opposition too did not give Manipur the attention it deserves. But hopefully now the government, Opposition and the media are on the same page and one hopes a solution will be worked out, sooner rather than later.