Fight during drinking party, one brutally killed


In the Talwandi sector of the Jawahar Nagar police station area in Kota, a fatal attack occurred late at night during a drinking party due to a dispute over money. The victim was attacked on the head with a heavy object.
Following the incident, the alleged assailant fled the scene. The police are currently searching for the suspect. The incident took place in the Talwandi sector. A body was found on the first floor of a house, and the information was conveyed to the police by the students residing in the house. Subsequently, the police and the FSL team arrived at the scene to begin the investigation. The police identified the deceased as Ganesh Sharma. He had gone to the house of Anuj, also known as Micky, in Block D of the Talwandi sector. It has been reported that both of them had been drinking in the room, after which a dispute arose between them. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter.