With the entire footballing world gearing up for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, human rights activists and groups including Amnesty International have criticised FIFA and Qatar for violations of human rights.

There have been reports that the migrant workers were treated inhumanely during the preparation for the showpiece event and their health condition deteriorated so bad that many died while others developed terminal illness.

Amnesty International known for their crusades against human rights violations have been consistently showing their dissent towards Qatar and FIFA. In a recent survey conducted by them, they claim that almost three-quarters of fans believe that FIFA should use the revenue from the world cup to compensate the workers who have suffered in Qatar.

In response to the survey conducted, FIFA released a statement on the same and said that they would continue with their remediation for workers who may have been adversely impacted in relation to the FIFA World Cup.

“FIFA takes note of the poll conducted on behalf of Amnesty International, featuring respondents from 10 countries in Europe and five countries from the rest of the world on the question of labour standards and protections in Qatar,” the statement said.

“Respondents may not be fully aware of the measures implemented in recent years by FIFA and its partners in Qatar to protect workers involved in the delivery of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. As recognised by independent experts, such as the International Labour Organization and international unions, a wide range of measures have been implemented over the past years to improve protections for workers in Qatar, and these developments have come about largely as a consequence of the World Cup being played in the country,” the statement added.

“This also includes FIFA and its partners in Qatar applying pressure on companies when needed to ensure remediation of workers involved in FIFA World Cup preparations. Workers have been compensated in various forms where companies failed to uphold the Workers’ Welfare Standards of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), which is the standard used by FIFA and the host country to ensure the protection of workers involved in FIFA World Cup-related activities,” the statement further said.

“These measures were complemented by the steps taken by the Ministry of Labour to enforce Qatari labour law and provide for access to remediation, such as through the Workers’ Support and Insurance Fund. FIFA will continue its efforts to enable remediation for workers who may have been adversely impacted in relation to FIFA World Cup-related work in accordance with its Human Rights Policy and responsibilities under relevant international standards.”