Father attempts to rape his daughter in Madhya Pradesh, detained


The owner of a grocery store has been put into jail by the Bahodapur police in the Gwalior district on suspicion of attempting a rape. The police claimed that the accused attempted to rape his 17-year-old daughter. The tragedy left the survivor troubled, and she made an attempt to end her life. Later, a friend recommended the survivor contact the police.

The survivor claimed in her statement that her grandfather had just passed away two days ago, which had caused a large number of relatives to be present in her home, according to Bahodapur police officers. She added that on the night of September 5, she slept in the house’s courtyard.

She spent some time feeling uneasy before going to bed in her father’s room. After a while, she felt her father stroking her private areas as she was lying down between her father and her brother. She instantly exited the room in horror, according to the reports.

The survivor added to the statements by saying that she had considered suicide but decided to phone a friend who lives nearby instead. Her companion then counselled her to approach the police instead of taking drastic action and filing a complaint. Following that, the survivor and her friend went to the police station and reported the accused.

The accused was brought into custody after confessing to the crime when he was called to the police station for questioning. The police stated that a medical evaluation of the survivor is now taking place.