Fake currency worth Rs 47 crore seized in Pune


Pune police crime branch officials arrested six persons, including an Army jawan, in an operation that led to the seizure of fake Indian and foreign currency notes worth Rs 43.4 crore and fake US dollars worth Rs 4.2 crore. The entire operation was carried out by the Pune police in coordination with the Military Intelligence.

“After counting, Indian currency of various denominations worth Rs 43.4 crore and US dollars worth Rs 4.2 crore has been seized. The quality of the notes will be checked in due course by experts. Many of the notes are marked ‘Children Bank of India’,” read a police statement.

The arrested six men have been identified as Army jawan Shaikh Alim Gulab Khan, and civilians Sunil Badrinarayan Sarda, Ritesh Ratnakar, Tufail Ahmed Mohammad Ishaq Khan, Abdul Gani Rehmtullah Khan, and Abdul Rehman Abdul Gani Khan.

The information about the fake currency operation was provided by officials of military intelligence, according to the police.