Exceptional culinary delights: The Hazelnut Factory’s affordable and diverse menu


The Hazelnut Factory, a renowned café hailing from the city of Nawabs, has joyfully declared the grand opening of its first outlet in Delhi. This launch marks a significant milestone for the company as it extends its culinary expertise into the vibrant food scene of the capital.

With a stellar reputation in Lucknow as the largest bakery kitchen in Uttar Pradesh, the decision to venture into Delhi was prompted by a surge in online orders originating from the city. The enthusiastic response from Delhiites validated the strong affection for The Hazelnut Factory’s delicious offerings, motivating the company to bring its unique culinary experiences to the city.

Spanning an expansive 2,500 square feet, the outlet boasts a thoughtfully designed space featuring various culinary stations, blending European design and architecture to provide an elegant dining experience. Hosting up to 60 guests, the outlet caters to both intimate gatherings and larger groups, ensuring a cozy and inviting ambiance for patrons to relish their culinary delights.

The Hazelnut Factory believes that establishing a presence in this culinary hub will resonate with food enthusiasts and connoisseurs who frequent the area. The lively atmosphere and easy accessibility of Punjabi Bagh Club Road make it an ideal choice for The Hazelnut Factory’s outlet, ensuring convenience for its cherished clientele.

At the core of The Hazelnut Factory’s allure is its dedication to providing exceptional culinary experiences without imposing a heavy financial burden on customers. The brand takes pride in offering a diverse range of delights, including artisanal sweets, cookies, namkeens, specialty coffee, and more, consistently surpassing expectations in both taste and affordability. The menu showcases the culinary team’s creativity and expertise, seamlessly fusing traditional ingredients and cooking methods from diverse cultures. It presents a diverse array of options.

As The Hazelnut Factory continues to push culinary boundaries in Delhi, the company is actively exploring opportunities for further expansion within the vast Delhi-NCR region. Beyond mere location growth, the brand’s ambition is anchored in a steadfast commitment to reaching an ever-expanding audience across Delhi and its neighboring districts.