Everyone liked our chemistry on the show: Masaba Gupta & Ritwik Bhowmik


In this exclusive light-hearted interaction, actors Masaba Gupta and Ritwik Bhowmik share their experience of working on their latest project Modern Love Mumbai which is airing on Amazon Prime.

Masaba Gupta and Ritwik Bhowmik joined NewsX for a fun conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. The duo shared their experience of working together in Modern Love Mumbai, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Speaking about her experience of full-fledged acting stint, Masaba said, “No one knows, but I got Covid 3-4 days before. We had to start filming and my face was swollen. I was convinced that the production house will go with someone else. I was quiet prepared to get rejected from the role but it was meant for me. Initially when I read script, I couldn’t understand my part as ‘Saiba’ as I have never used any dating app or went on serious date.”

Talking about her mother Neena Gupta’s reaction to her performance, Masaba expressed, “My mother has said that you have got my genes now. She says that you have a lot of things to learn from Ritwik. My mom was very impressed seeing my chemistry with Ritwik.”

Ritwik opened up about how his life has changed in the past 2 years of being in industry. He said, “The quality of work has changed. The kind of scripts I get is very exciting . Everytime I read them, i like them , i feel like, how did they think of me. Other than this, I feel nothing has changed. Frankly, I feel overwhelmed as I am recieving work. “

Sharing their thoughts on working on an OTT platform, he said, “We never had a plan, everything just happend to us, and we are looking forward for more work.”