Employment, education major issues in Himachal


Employment and better education are the two major issues that have emerged in the upcoming Assembly polls in Himachal Pradesh. The youth of Himachal Pradesh is rooting for better education and employment.
A 19-year-old Jyoti who will cast her first vote from Shimla Rural said, “Employment is one of the issues based on which I will cast my vote. Employment is the main issue and the rest are education and health-related issues. I feel employment can bring change in Himachal”. A 20-year-old Nishant will also cast his first vote from Theog and said, “for youth, employment is an issue. Here unemployment is increasing day by day. As you see, any recruitment takes place, even if it is 2-4 vacancies, for that 1 to 2 lakh children fill the form. You can get an idea according to how much unemployment is. The second issue is farmers. In Theog, farmers are there and they depend on the apples. You can see the prices of fertilisers have increased daily. If it is not stopped on time, then the price will increase much more. What will a farmer earn then?”
18-year-old Sahil Sharma who will cast his first vote from Chail said, “We are not happy with the current government because we are not being given the right education. Teachers don’t come on time to take classes.
Our results are not out yet. Second-year exams are commencing and we haven’t gotten our earlier results. So, our main issue is education. Government is too slow on such issues. Our main motive is to cast our vote for someone who will listen to us on such issues. 21-year-old Shivam Veer Singh will also cast his first vote from Shimla Rural and said, ‘for our state better infrastructure should be there. “