Election Commission disallows campaigns at religious sites for polls


For the first time, the Election Commission has imposed the restriction that no political party can use any religious site premises for meetings, rallies, or any other activities for election campaigning. Up until now, election gatherings and meetings in rural areas were often held at religious sites. With this ban in place, political parties will have to find new venues for their meetings.
District Election Officer Ashish Modi addressed a press conference regarding the legislative assembly elections and informed that the Election Commission has, for the first time, prohibited political parties from holding meetings, gatherings, and campaigns of any kind at all places, including temples, mosques, and churches.

He mentioned that due to the Model Code of Conduct, the process of creating new constituencies will not be possible. He clarified that all the ongoing development projects or other work initiated before the Model Code of Conduct will continue as usual, but new projects will not be initiated.
The Election Department has set a time limit of a hundred minutes for the resolution of complaints registered on its app. Along with the complaint, a photo and two-minute video are requested. Complaints related to any irregularities and issues during the elections can be reported on the Election Commission’s website.

During this, District Election Officer Modi explained that a candidate can spend up to Rs 40 lakhs in the election and can include up to 10 vehicles in their convoy. If more vehicles are used, they will have to be parked a hundred meters away from the assembly or meeting place. Modi provided comprehensive information about the election process during this event and mentioned that all preparations for the election have been initiated.

Young voters who turn 18 on October 1, 2023, will be eligible to vote, but they will need to complete the process of adding their names to the voter list by October 27. Applications can be submitted through BLO and other methods. However, applications submitted after this date will not be considered. The process of adding names will begin after the elections.