EEMA announces single window clearance for events

Event & Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) the apex body for the event industry in India successfully conducted a power packed one-day agenda on the 23rd March 2022 at the India Pavilion, Dubai Expo. This entire event was conducted under the aegis of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting along with Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The event showcased various highlights from the experiential industry, which included the significant launch of the Single Window Clearance process for events.

The launch of Single Window Permissions for Events in India will facilitate towards bringing of more global events to India. This process will ease the entire flow of conducting events in the country. In various cities, the event community faces several challenges in gathering permissions and licences for events, which in turn becomes a huge area of concern. In order to cut this chase short, EEMA announced of this process in accordance with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Film Felicitation Office (FFO), NFDC. Present at the launch were Shri Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Mr. Ravinder Bhakar, CEO (CBFC) and Managing Director – NFDC along with Roshan Abbas, President EEMA and Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary, EEMA.

Speaking on the launch, Shri. Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India said, “Event management attracts guests from all around the world and it gives a boost to tourism apart from providing employment and various other advantages. But in India, this has somehow remained sort of an unorganized sector and some competent private sector players face a lot of challenges as there is no authorized body under which all events can be organized. We are happy that today we are launching this this process with EEMA. We now look forward to work together so that we can ease the compliance models for permissions for organizing events and make India a world class destination for such opportunities.” He added, “The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have also realized that this is a very important area to look into as the event management agencies have to face a lot of problems while organizing an event and lots of uncertainty also remains alongside. So, as proposed, we now look forward to creating a single window facility umbrella model to facilitate the process. We welcome this initiative by EEMA and look forward to having world class events being hosted by India in the coming days.”

On this powerful platform and on the overall completion of the event, Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA said, “With ‘India is an Event’, we celebrated the Indian Event Fraternity at the India Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020. EEMA as the apex body successfully managed to make some powerful announcements at the event. To begin with, we announced the process and framework for single window clearance with the Information & Broadcasting Ministry and the Film Facilitation office at NFDC across six states under the recommendation of Invest India. Secondly, EEMA announced a comprehensive Wedding Council to work on issues faced by the largest chunk of our sector. Not just this, we also launched the EEMAGIC app ( especially curated for wedding planners with a two-way review system.” He added, “We also would like to thank our esteemed guests, panellists along with all members of the fraternity and FICCI for making this a super successful one.”

Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary, EEMA said, “This has been a big day for our industry. Our industry has suffered a lot in the last 2 years. This initiation of the process of Single Window Permissions for Events in India will really help this troubled industry to get back on its feet quickly. We have been asking for this ease of doing business from a long time and have been facing issues around it since many decades. As each event is like a complete project, we find these bottlenecks of taking multiple permissions and the complexities involved in it, which is a big area of concern for every event manager. These delays in seeking these permissions hinders our growth and puts a stop to our plans. For this new initiative we are thankful to the Ministry of I&B & NFDC and feel hopeful towards a positive future ahead.”

Another major highlight was the launch of the EEMA Wedding Council, which was announced in the session titled, ‘Business of Weddings’. It comprised of renowned names from the wedding planning business. This announcement was jointly done by panellists including Sundeep Sidhwani, of DreamzKrraft, Samit Garg, Executive Vice President, EEMA Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary EEMA, Prerana Saxena, Vice President, North EEMA, Vicky Tulsyan, Vice President, East EEMA and Aarti Mattoo, Vice President, West EEMA. This council will collaboratively work towards building better relationships between global stakeholders, departments, licensing authorities and other relevant bodies in the industry and help in solving major problems for this major chunk of the sector.

Along with the Wedding Council, EEMA also launched the EEMAGIC App. Equipped with all relevant information and details, this app will help in structuring the industry and work with the best partners across the field of experiential business. The features of the app were presented in detail by Deepak Pawar, Secretary EEMA and Prerana Saxena, Vice President, North EEMA.

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