Education in Delhi government schools improved because of teacher’s training: Kejriwal


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday that the education in Delhi government schools has improved because of teachers’ training, amid the ongoing tussle between the LG and the AAP dispensation over the Finland-based training for teachers.

He said this during interaction with government school teachers. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was also present during the discussion. “It has been 8 years since I became the chief minister, I have gone abroad only twice. Went to Rome on the death anniversary of Mother Teresa, and once to South Africa. I have no interest in going abroad… Delhi government wants to send its teachers for good training abroad,” Kejriwal said.

The CM emphasised the significance of teacher preparation, saying that it is more important to provide foreign teacher training to the nation’s teachers than to construct bridges and roads.

He stated that there needs to be a change in the perception that only children from disadvantaged backgrounds attend public schools.

According to Kejriwal, the Delhi government has disproved the notion that sending government school teachers elsewhere for training is unnecessary.

“For 75 years, all the parties have been giving the slogan of removing poverty, but till now poverty has not been removed, poverty can be removed only through education. The Delhi government wants to provide better education to the Delhi children,” said Kejriwal.
He further said that today “tent” schools in Delhi have been transformed into “talent” schools and a lot of work is left.
“Today children of government schools in Delhi are passing the entrance exam of IIT, IIM, and medical entrance without taking coaching classes. Due to the improvement in the education system, now no student wants to commit suicide,” he added.
Addressing the teachers, Kejriwal said that, in any case, teachers will be sent abroad for training.
“Now education is also changing in Punjab, Punjab government is also sending 30 of its teachers abroad for training,” he added.