Eco-friendly fireworks to light up Rajasthan’s Diwali


This Diwali, the market is shimmering. In addition to everyone’s favourite items in the markets, there is also a variety of fireworks, including eco-friendly fireworks. This time, there are around 8,000 varieties of fireworks available in the market.

Mohan, a fireworks seller on Tonk Road, says that there is considerable enthusiasm for fireworks, especially for firecrackers, in the market this time. Various new varieties of fireworks have arrived on the market. Firecrackers are available for both children and adults.

Fireworks made in Gujarat and Kerala have made their place in Rajasthan this time. A special Anaar resembling a duck has come into the market. It burns three times with one ignition. This time, Ghoomar Fuljhadi with a Rajasthani theme is special, and an Anaar resembling a duck is also unique. A fireworks merchant has stated that this time, fireworks ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 20,000 are available in the market.

Jahir Ahmad, the President of the Fireworks Artists Association, said that there were no green fireworks in the past, so they have stopped coming to the market. Companies have also stopped supplying them. Now, all companies are making only green fireworks based on the chemical composition determined by the Supreme Court’s guidelines.

Seeing the increasing pollution in the country, the state government has banned the bursting and sale of firecrackers. The Supreme Court has issued orders to ban fireworks throughout the country. The court said that directions issued regarding fireworks will be applicable in all states. The court said that it is the responsibility of the state governments to control air pollution and noise pollution.

The Supreme Court has given strict orders to the Rajasthan government to immediately stop burning stubble in the state. Stubble burning is one of the main causes of pollution. The government has been told to take action promptly to control pollution. The Supreme Court said that our patience is running out now.