EC directs political parties to appoint
booth-level agents in Haryana

Election Commission

Keeping in view the directions of the Election Commission of India, all the political parties in the state have been asked to appoint their respective booth-level agents in Haryana. Furthermore, BLAs should provide full cooperation in the special review campaign of photo voter lists, which begins on November 9.A meeting was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of the state Chief Electoral Officer and Principal Secretary, Elections Department, Anurag Agarwal, who stated that according to office bearers of various political parties here,
It was informed in the meeting that in many districts, including Gurugram in Haryana, the proportion of voters per population is low. These include women, youth, and people with disabilities. There is a need to pay more attention to such districts and assembly constituencies so that the names of all the voters who have reached the age of 18 can be included in the photo voter list. It is necessary to have correct voter lists for transparent and fair elections. Booth-level agents can play an important role in this. Booth-level agents can assist the Booth-level officers in preparing the correct electoral rolls by adding new voters and removing the names of those voters who have died. Therefore, political parties should appoint booth-level agents at the earliest.
The Chief Electoral Officer said that this time it has been decided to appoint an assistant electoral registration officer in each assembly constituency as per the directions of the Election Commission. The assistant voting officers will go to the colleges and schools and get the names of the youth registered on the voter list, ranging in age from 18 to 19 years of age. Apart from this, special attention will be given to the youth who are between the ages of 17 and 18 years, and they will also get their registration done. He said that such youth will fill up their Form 6, and as soon as they attain the age of 18 years, their names will be entered in the revised voter lists to be issued on the due date.
It is worth mentioning that the claims and objections will be filed until December 8 against the photo voter lists prepared on November 9. Apart from this, a special campaign will be run on Saturday and Sunday, November 19–20, 2022, and December 3–4, 2022. On this day, the booth-level officers will sit in the designated polling stations and do the work of adding and deleting the names of new voters from the voter lists. The final photo voter list will be published on January 5, 2023, after the settlement of claims and objections by the due date of December 26, 2022.