Drug trafficker buys meth from cops, escapes arrest plot


Undercover sheriffs deputies in Riverside County near Los Angeles said they agreed to supply 27 kilograms (nearly 60 pounds) of the illegal stimulant, in what they hoped would give them the proof they needed to get their man.
But after handing over the cash and collecting his haul, the suspect apparently was not interested in hanging around to get arrested.
“After the transaction, the suspect drove away and deputies from the Gang Task Force attempted a vehicle stop. “The suspect failed to yield, and a pursuit was initiated. Due to the high speeds and suspect’s disregard for public safety, deputies lost sight of the vehicle.” Defeated sheriff candidate Michael Lujan, a former captain in the department, said he had heard the drugs were worth around $35,000. “Why would you let someone get in their vehicle, I don’t know,” he said. “It is pretty embarrassing. It’s unfortunate because now we have additional narcotics out on the street.”