Despite the tall claims of the state government, the drug menace continues to pose new challenges to the government and the police department. Resembling the footprints of adjoining Punjab, Haryana continues to witness the rise in drug peddlers and the youth falling as easy prey in their hands. The last five years statistics revealed that as many as 15821 cases have been reported which is a matter of serious concern. The prohibited drugs are being sold continuously which requires the government to come up with foolproof planning to control the same.

The present scenario is quite worrying which undoubtedly puts the government along with the police department in a state of trouble. Out of the above, 3405 cases have been reported against the youth from 18 to 25 years age group under the NDPS Act which is a sizable chunk of the total cases. Amid the repeated claims of the government, things seem contrary which raises questions on the working of the police wing along with other departments. It is pertinent to mention that the legislators of the ruling faction as well as of the opposition raise the issue so many times in the assembly.

Besides, as many as 62 FIR’s have been filed against drug addicts, 12 a year on average. Among these, drug peddlers were also involved which indicates that such miscreants are still spoiling the forthcoming generation for their monetary greed.

It is worth mentioning that things are getting worse day by day in the districts falling on the borders of adjoining states including Punjab and Rajasthan. The list includes Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar and Jind etc. which require that the government take stern action against those involved in the smuggling.

Although a string of states of northern India had come up with a strategy to deal with the drug menace, under which these states formed interstate drug authority. In continuation to this, the headquarter of authority was set in Panchkula. The state seized matters pertaining to the medicines which are not prohibited but can be used as drugs for intoxication. Regarding the same, the drug and administration department, Haryana had issued a certain set of guidelines to drug manufacturers and the wholesalers to submit records of such medicines to senior drug controller officers every month who will then submit a monthly return to the concerned department.