Dramatic scene captured in the midst of strikes in Kiev as journalist heads to shelter

As explosions rocked Ukraine’s capital city on Monday, a BBC correspondent in Kyiv was seen on live television leaving for a shelter with his camera crew.

After months of relatively quiet, several explosions suddenly hit the city as Hugo Bachega was delivering a news report.

“Just over an hour later, after heading to shelter with his camera crew, the BBC re-established contact with Hugo,” the news organisation said.

Hugo Bachega, a BBC correspondent, is seen in the widely circulated video reporting while hearing explosions. The reporting was then stopped after this.

Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and nearby cities were shaken by many explosions. Smoke was spotted rising from a number of locations throughout Kiev.

The cities of Lviv, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky, Dnipro, and Ternopil have also reported explosions.

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