Dr Pawan Kotwal chairs the Ladakh committee meeting on development


Dr Pawan Kotwal, the Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of UT Ladakh, led a significant meeting of the UT Level Committee at the Civil Secretariat in Leh. The purpose was to review and discuss strategic approaches across departments for achieving the objectives outlined in Vision 2047 and the set targets for the next five years.
Comprising various departments, the UT Level Committee gathered to foster collaboration and cooperation in realizing Ladakh’s sustainable development goals. The comprehensive evaluation of proposed strategies aimed to ensure Ladakh’s trajectory aligns with the broader regional vision.
Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal underscored the importance of a unified and comprehensible approach to meet predetermined targets, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the Ladakh region. Encouraging an open dialogue, he emphasized fostering an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and expertise.
Key agenda points included infrastructural development, environmental conservation, healthcare advancements, educational reforms, and economic growth. Committee members engaged in detailed deliberations, ensuring a thorough examination of each aspect to chart out a comprehensive roadmap for Ladakh’s progress over the next five years.
Expressing confidence in the collective commitment of the UT Level Committee, Dr Pawan Kotwal highlighted the crucial role of accountability, transparency, and innovation in implementing outlined strategies. He concluded the meeting by expressing gratitude to all participants for their dedication and urged collaborative efforts towards the common goal of a thriving and sustainable Ladakh.
The meeting witnessed the participation of Administrative Secretaries, Deputy Commissioners, HODs, and Chief Engineers.