There is a continuous activity happening deep under the earth, tectonic plates are colliding continually and water streams are colliding with each other or with tectonic plates at jet speeds. These collisions when happening at high-intensity results in earthquakes which are increasingly becoming frequent with the advancement of modern times. However, earthquake is not the only outcome of these collisions. Low-intensity collisions do not cause earthquakes but they do create a resultant force that emanates from the earth and affect our lives. These are called geopathic stress lines and it affects both living and non-living beings when they spend most of the times on these lines and more so when they spend time on an intersection of such lines.

Vastu consultants, architects, designers, and engineers in general deal with human health 95% of the time; medicine is used only when we have a disorder. We use walls to design the quality of space. Space, which used to mean emptiness, now means energy. It is the effect of this energy on our vitality, emotional and mental levels that we perceive as quality. In 1930, a German scientist Von Pohl conducted a study in two towns that showed that 80% of cancer cases were located in 10% of the area. These areas were found to be on underwater current crossings, at certain angles, that produced a vortex of harmful “earth radiation” that disturbed the immune system. Though a lot of scientific work has happened in Europe on detecting these earth radiations and their effect on living, ancient sages and philosophers of all ancient civilisations were able to detect such earth energies and predict their effect just by walking barefoot on a piece of land. Fortunately, modern researchers in Europe have developed tools to detect these energies using the principles of resonance from physics.


You must have seen trees growing vertically till some height and suddenly the trunk slants at an angle. This is due to a geopathic stress line in the vicinity. You will also see trees that have developed cancerous knots on its trunk when they are directly on an intersection of two stress lines. In villages where the boundary of habitation is made from hedges, you will see at a few places the hedge has not grown fully. You can safely say that a stress line is passing through that hedge at that place. Ant-hills and beehives are another good indicators of geopathic stress lines. If you have a pet cat in the house observe where she finds it most comfortable. Cats prefer to sleep on geopathic stress lines or their intersections.

When these stress lines pass through roads and highways it is observed that these are the points of most accidents. When these stress lines cross at the location of a machine in a factory it is observed that such machines fail very often.


If you are working or studying on these lines you may suffer from a lack of concentration and mild headaches. Sleeping on these lines and more so on the intersection of two such lines may initially cause disturbed sleep, fearful dreams, and stiffness in the body when you wake up or tiredness in the morning. If you or a family member frequently wakes up in the middle of the night then it may be because they are sleeping on these stress lines.

Prolonged exposure for more than three years can gradually cause chronic ailments like hypertension, heart condition and in some cases auto-immune disorders and cancer. Please be aware that Vastu is not about the cure but prevention. If you are suffering from any of these ailments you should consult a qualified medical practitioner. Vastu can be a catalyst to good health but can’t be a substitute for proper medical advice.


Very few Vastu consultants know how to reduce the effect of these detrimental earth energies. Unfortunately, the residents can suffer from these energies even when the house or buildings are designed perfectly as per Vastu principles. The reason is that most Vastu practitioners consider the structure of the building while designing and not the earth energies. Only a few Vastu consultants know how to incorporate these into the design. Even if the space is not designed with these detrimental energies in mind or if you are facing the symptoms elaborated in this article, you can seek a Vastu consultation where you can detect the location of these geopathic stress lines in your home or office and the Vastu consultant will also be able to implement some corrections and cure to harmonise these detrimental energies such that they do not affect your life adversely.

The writer is a Vastu consultant with more than two decades of corporate leadership experience and has served more than 300 business owners on their paths to success.