DJ Union alleges Rs 2500 crore fraud by three companies in Chandigarh, calls for probe


Allegations of fraud have been levelled against three companies by the Light and Sound DJ union in Chandigarh while taking out a candle march in Sector 17. Union claims that even after the licenses of these companies expired under the Copyright Act of the Indian government, they continue to make unauthorized collections across the country.
They have accused Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), Novex Communications, and Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) of making illegal collections in the name of licenses from these companies, totalling up to Rs 2,500 crore. PPL faces allegations of Rs 1000 crore, Novex Communications Rs 1000 crore, and IPRS Rs 500 crore.
The All India Light and DJ Association have lodged a complaint with the Chandigarh Police against these companies, demanding an investigation into the matter. 2 Furthermore, Arun Sood, Chairman of the Law and Order Advisory Committee of Chandigarh, has assured activists of taking action after discussions with the Senior Superintendent of Police.
The All India Light and DJ Association, along with Delhi’s Chief Veerendra Babbar, stated that these companies were appointed under the Copyright Act in 1994 to conduct the business of DJs and lights with licenses. However, their agreements with the government ended in 2012.
Despite this, they have been making substantial collections from people across the country in the name of licenses.
This was revealed in a response to an RTI inquiry from the Revenue Department of the Government of India.
Manmohan Jolly, President of the Chandigarh Light and DJ Association, explained that a case against these companies was filed in the Delhi High Court. A judgment was passed against them in 2018. In a similar case, the Madras High Court also ruled against the companies in 2021.
DJ Association claimed that if someone does not pay the fees to these companies, they file cases against them in courts in other states. Poor people who are involved in the business of light and DJ have to pay fees to lawyers as well as appear in court.
This results in significant financial losses for them, as they are coerced into paying these companies out of fear