Differences b/w Congress leaders will come to the fore soon: Bommai

Karnataka CM lambasts Rahul Gandhi over ‘jobs remark’

The differences between the Congress leaders will explode soon, said former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai. He told reporters here on Tuesday that the ministers and the Congress MLAs have been issuing contradictory statements due to lack of unity.

The differences cropped up from the time of the appointment of the chief minister. At the time of selection, Siddaramaiah had returned to Bengaluru several times out of anger for not naming for that post. However, he was seated on the CM’s seat only after putting the stringent conditions.

Bommai said several senior ministers were expressing their doubts that Siddaramaiah would continue as the CM for the full five years. Besides, nowhere Siddaramaiah had said that he would be the CM for the next five years. What does it mean? What’s going on inside? Truth must be known to the people as this was not an internal matter of the Congress Party. Anything about the state administration must be known to the citizens of Karnataka, he added.

The BJP leader said regarding three deputy chief ministers, the Congress leaders were pulling the legs of each other. Between all these dramas, there was none to hear the grouse of the MLAs about the lack of development in their respective constituencies. The government has become a den of confusion. The serious differences of opinion in the ruling Congress Party would come to the fore soon.

Reacting to former minister V.Somanna’s statement that he tasted defeat four times only after joining the BJP, the former CM said it was his experience and truth also but the reasons were different. Changing the constituency has been one of the reasons for the defeat of Somanna.

On the delay in the selection of the Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly and State BJP President, Bommai said the party has a state party president who had been doing a good job. It was true that there had been a delay in naming the Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly and the State party president.