Devotees embark on 37th grand Padayatra to Karni Mata


A pilgrimage to the world-famous Shri Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok, located in the Bikaner district, will depart from Jaipur on October 9.
The 37th grand padayatra will start at 8 am from Shri Karni Mata Charan Chhatrawas Banipark and will rest for the night at Umarav Marriage Garden Gokulpura. A grand Jagran (vigil) will also be organized there.
The following day, on 10 October, at 7 am, the padayatra will depart from Shri Karni Mata Temple Gokulpura and will rest for the night at Shri Karni Sukh Dham Prakash Baisa Maharaj in Aaidan Ka Bas. On the same day, at 11 am, they will visit Chandpura Ray Temple and rest for the night in Fulera. On 12 October, in the morning, they will have darshan at Hinglaj Dham Mandapi and then proceed to rest in Marwa Gram for the night. On 13 October, they will rest for the night in Mored Kar and on 14 October, they will participate in the afternoon aarti at Shri Mandha Khurd Dham. Afterwards, in the evening, a jagran (vigil) for Goddess Bhagwati will be held at the same location. On 15 October, they will have a darshan of the divine light for Navratri and will arrive at Shri Karni Mata Temple Deshnok on 19 October.