Delhi police start preparations for G20 to be held in capital

The security department of Delhi Police attended a workshop on Tuesday at its Chanakyapuri headquarters to start making plans for the flurry of G20 events that are set to start in December when India assumes the presidency of the intergovernmental forum.

The European Union (EU) and 19 other countries participate in the conference, which seeks to address important global economic issues.

“This is a three-day meeting for officers of security unit. Important issues related to analysis of protests during the past G20 summits were discussed during our workshop. Emerging issues related to communalism, social media, anti-national protests, environmental issues, terrorism, illegal immigration and other issues, which have a bearing on the law-and-order situation are being discussed,” a police officer aware of the details of the meeting said.

He said the department will focus on the preparedness and handling of security in New Delhi area. While the main site of the summit will be the redeveloped exhibition and convention centre at Pragati Maidan, several meetings will be held at other venues in the area.

The New Delhi Municipal Council has confirmed that starting on December 1 there will likely be 190 meetings spread over 10 months. During India’s one-year presidency, about 12,000 delegates from all over the nation are anticipated to visit the region.

Experts who have handled such events and are domain experts were invited to speak to our officers,” added a second police officer.

Amit Shah, the Union home minister, visited the Delhi Police headquarters on August 30 to assess the surveillance and security measures in place for the G20 summits. Shah had then advised that officials from the home ministry travel to nations where the G20 summits had been successfully held.

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