Delhi Police

Syndicate indulging in circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) have been busted by Delhi police in which two key suppliers of counterfeit currency have been arrested.

In the last week of October 2021, Delhi police recieved an information regarding circulation of FICN in India from Bangladesh through Indo-Bangla border in District Malda (West Bengal). The information was further developed through secret sources and, surveillance was mounted on the movements of the members of this syndicate.

The strenuous efforts of about two months by the Delhi police resulted in gathering of information about the two key suppliers of FICN namely Firoj Sheikh and Muffajul Shekh.

On December 21, a specific information was received by Delhi police that Firoj Sheikh would deliver a big consignment of FICN to Muffajul Sheikh, near Kalkaji Mandir Bus Stand on Maa Anandmaye Marg, New Delhi between 9 pm-10 pm.

At about 9.15 pm, Feroj Sheikh, identified by the informer, with a bag in his hand arrived near a bus stand. After 10 minutes thereof, another person namely Muffazul Sheikh (also identified by informer) came near the same bus stand.

Both the persons were then immediately cornered and finally overpowered by the members of the Delhi police team when Feroj Sheikh handed over a small bag to Muffazul Sheikh.

According to press release, “Both have been apprehended during the intervening night of 21 & 22/12/2021 near Kalkaji Mandir Bus Stand, Anand Mai Marg, New Delhi.”

Delhi police found out that both the arrested persons have already supplied FICN amounting more than Rs 2 Crores In Delhi During The Last Two Years.

“Currency Notes in denomination of Rs 2000/- amounting Rs. 8 (Eight) Lacs were recovered from the duo i.e. Rs. 5 (Five) Lacs from Feroj Sheikh and Rs. 3 (Three) Lacs from Muffazul Shiekh. A case under appropriate sections of law was registered in PS Special Cell and investigation taken up,” press statement read.

As per the investigation, Feroj Sheikh has disclosed that he had procured consignment of recovered FICN of 8 (Eight) Lacs from one Salaam of Murshidabad in West Bengal.

Both the arrested persons had come in Delhi to deliver the FICNs to one of their contacts in Delhi as revealed by them. Both of them disclosed to have been actively indulging in circulation of FICN in parts of country for about last 5 years.

The press release read, “Feroz Sheikh has disclosed that Salaam, the supplier, used to receive the consignment of FICN from Bangladesh at Indo-Bangla border in Distt Murshidabad. Both have also disclosed that they used to procure FICNs of Rs. 1 (one) Lac of Rs 30,000/- and they used to further supply/sell the same at the rate of Rs 40,000/45,000/- per Lac to their contacts in Delhi and other parts of country. Both have disclosed to have supplied the FICN in amounting more than Rs 2 crores in Delhi during the last two years.”