Delhi might be witnessing second Covid-19 wave

Dr D.S. Rana, Dr Ashok Seth,Dr Pradeep Chowbey

The number of cases in Delhi is increasing again. Recorded cases are 50% higher after an increase in tests to cope with the pandemic, and according to doctors, such resurgence in cases is on the expected lines. The city has been experiencing a sudden rise in the number of Covid-19 cases since mid-August, and top doctors say that Delhi is probably experiencing a second wave of the infection.

Dr Pradeep Chowbey, MAMBS and Allied Surgical Specialities, Max Super Speciality Hospital, says, “Yes, it is most likely, due to not following the set norms for Covid and taking too many liberties, like wearing poor andimpropermaskswhich cannot preventinfection.”  

 “The reason is ‘unlocking’ with a lack of self-discipline regarding the wearing of masks properly, with the mouth and nose covered, and the lack of physical distancing,” says DrAshok Seth, Chairman and Cardiologist, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. “For some their socio-economic circumstances and the congested surroundings they live in do not allow physical distancing, but the ones who can do it, are being irresponsible enough to not do it,” he adds.It is indeed being commonly seen, especially in Delhi’s markets, where people are carrying out their routine businesses without wearing proper masks or following social distancing measures.

 “This is a continuation of the Covid-19 wave due to laxity in adhering to precautionary measures,” agrees Dr D.S. Rana, Chairman and Nephrologist at SirGangaRamHospital, adding, “And partly due to the availability oftesting facilities now.”

According to Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary, Union Health Ministry, there is an increase in the case fatality trajectory in two states—Karnataka and Delhi. “Delhi has seen an increase of 50% and Karnataka has seen 9.6% in the average daily case fatality. Looking at the rise in the number of active cases and deaths in Delhi, we’re engaging with the Delhi government. We have given some specific instructions to the government. If those are followed, the number of cases can be brought under control.”

To keep coronavirus at bay at a time like this, doctors are recommending three things which are important to be followed: Wearingpropermasks, socialdistancing and maintaining hygiene.

“As we begin “unlocking” normal lives, it’s important to practise three things to keep ourselves and others safe. They are masks, social distancing and hygiene. N-95 masks without vents or filters are the most effective masks for preventing any respiratory infection. They are mostly recommended for medical and paramedical staff coming in contact with Covid-19 patients and their family members. For general use, the three-layered homemade cotton masks are good enough, but I strongly recommend disposable surgical masks of good quality,” says DrChowbey.

A second wave of the infection has been seen in countries like Italy, China and Spain so far, and it is clinically distinct from the first wave. It is likely that Delhi is now facing the second wave because the caseload appears to be similar to what had been reported in earlier stages of the pandemic.