Delhi Metro losing Rs 9.3 crore daily since March 2020: Anuj Dayal


In an exclusive interview with The Daily Guardian, Anuj Dayal, executive director, Corporate Communication, DMRC, says that Delhi Metro is ready to begin operations anytime with all safety measures in place. Excerpts:

Q: Is DMRC planning to resume operations in September?

A: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) shall be prepared to commence operations whenever directed by the government. All necessary guidelines are in place to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus and shall be implemented. All efforts shall be made to make travel safe for our valued commuters.

Q: The metro has been shut for close to five months. Will DMRC be able to resume services with full capacity in a short notice?

A: The metro system is ready for operations. While the metro services remained closed for passengers, regular maintenance has been continued in all components of the metro system. Two trains are being operated on all corridors everyday to ensure the system is in good condition. Once permitted by the government, we will be in a position to resume passenger services within two to three days. The nature and volume of services to resume will depend on the government’s instructions.

Q: How will DMRC manage the crowd in busiest stations once services resume?

A: Whenever the government permits the passenger services to resume, we will follow the guidelines issued by the government in all aspects of operations, including the ones related to crowd management.

Q: What is the estimated revenue loss of DMRC during the last five months?

A: The estimated revenue loss from passenger earnings will be known once the services resume. However, DMRC has been losing approximately Rs 9.3 crore per day from the passenger segment since 22 March 2020.