Delhi Airport’s Sunflower Initiative Aims to Support Those with Hidden Disabilities


Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has rolled out special services to enhance the travel experience for individuals with hidden disabilities. Aligned with the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative, DIAL has transformed Delhi Airport into a Sunflower Airport. Passengers with hidden disabilities can discreetly signal their need for assistance by wearing sunflower lanyards, pin badges, or wristbands. These identifiable items are available at helpdesks and information counters within the terminals.

DIAL has conducted comprehensive training for all passenger-facing staff to ensure empathetic assistance throughout the journey. The Sunflower Programme aims to provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience for individuals with hidden disabilities, acknowledging the challenges they may face during travel. The initiative reflects Delhi Airport’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment. Through these specialized services, the airport strives to empower passengers, allowing them to travel confidently with the assurance of support at every step.