DC Doda takes concrete steps to enhance highway safety


To ensure the safety and well-being of the residents and travellers on the Batote-Doda-Kishtwar Highway, Harvinder Singh, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Doda, has initiated concrete measures to augment healthcare services in the Community Health Center (CHC) Assar. The step aims to cater to any emergency that may arise on the highway connecting the districts of Doda and Kishtwar.
Assessing the recent bus accident at Assar and recognizing the significance of accessible and efficient healthcare facilities on the highway, the DC Doda, in collaboration with the concerned authorities, is establishing a comprehensive healthcare plan for the CHC in Assar.
These initiatives include the deployment of additional medical staff, the procurement of essential medical equipment, preparing/ training volunteers for Rescue/CPR/First aid and the improvement of infrastructure to enhance the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare and roads.
In this regard, the DC visited Assar today and met with the sub-divisional authorities at the BDO office Assar to devise a comprehensive rescue and response plan for the highway. DC also attended the ‘Rescue, CPR, and First Aid’ drill organised by SDRF for the local and Alkhair Foundation (NGO) volunteers. DC also appreciated the efforts of volunteers of the Alkhair Foundation (NGO) for their selfless, timely, and effective services in the rescue operation during the recent bus accident at Assar. DC Harvinder Singh also checked the roadside nakas held by different stakeholders to ensure the following of traffic rules for the safety of the commuters. The DC Doda has emphasized the importance of preparedness and the ability to respond swiftly to any medical emergencies that may occur on the highway. The focus is to ensure that all necessary medical facilities are readily available for residents, commuters, and tourists passing through the area.
The measures being implemented aim to strengthen the existing healthcare infrastructure and equip the CHC Assar with the necessary resources to handle any eventualities effectively. These efforts will help in providing timely and adequate medical care to individuals in need, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the region.
It is pertinent to mention here that the District Road Safety Committee (DRSC) under the chairmanship of DC Harvinder Singh, has discussed the Integrated Road Safety Database (iRAD) / Electronic Detailed Accident Report (e-DAR), revealing concerning statistics. It was informed that since July 2022, the district witnessed 257 accidents resulting in 112 causalities. It includes a recent bus accident at Assar, in which 40 people lost their precious lives. It was further revealed that 75% of accidents occur due to overspeeding and rash driving, while 25% of accidents happen due to roads and mechanical failure.
To enhance road safety measures, the DRSC has approved the mapping of roads under various agencies. Identifying blackspots in prone areas was emphasized to proactively address potential hazards. It was decided by the DRSC to declare spots having less than 100 metres of visibility as black spots. The directions have been passed to have a road safety audit of all the roads by a technical committee. Additionally, the DC directed the installation of speed limit signboards and crush barriers with glow taps along roads, underscoring the commitment to ensuring a safer commuting environment. The DC also urged setting up the small traffic Booths, CCTV Cameras, and Cats Eye equipment, across the roads. The DC also made the direction to dismantle the illegal encroachment near the highway and other roads.
The DRSC has asked ADC to identify the first responders/ volunteers, near black spots, at least 5 from each spot, across the district and impart their basic training in Resue, CPR and first aid, through SDRF trainers.
ARTO Doda has been instructed to make compulsory installation of CCTV cameras in every passenger vehicle, particularly in metal doors and busses. He has instructed to have mandatory information in every passenger vehicle, including PCR and Traffic toll-free numbers, Driver’s and vehicle information, and speed limit authorized for that particular road. The DC also directed the concerned officers to ensure the fixing of speed governors in every passenger’s vehicle to avoid rash driving and overspeeding. The authority also issued directions to have an audit of Advance Life Support (ALS) Ambulances available in the district.