Dad in jail & left by mom, this 9-year-old looks after self, dog till cops come to his rescue


MUZAFFARNAGAR: His father is in jail, his mother has deserted him and he does not remember the name of his village he is from.

For the past few years, nine-year-old Ankit has been living on a footpath and surviving by working at a tea stall.

His only friend—a stray dog, whom he has named Danny.

Two weeks ago, someone took a picture of Ankit and Danny sleeping in one blanket outside a shop. That picture went viral on the social media and the district administration began searching for the boy.

Two days ago, the child was eventually traced and is now under the care of the district police.

“Now, he is under the care of Muzaffarnagar police. We are trying to trace his family and his pictures have been sent to various police stations in adjoining districts. We have also alerted the district women and child welfare department,” Muzaffarnagar SSP Abhishek Yadav said.

City Kotwali SHO Anil Kaparwan, said Ankit will live with one Sheela Devi, a local and the boy’s acquaintance, whom he calls “Bi”.

Ankit will study in a private school until his family is found. The school has agreed to give free education to him after the police placed a request with the school management.

The tea stall owner, where Ankit had been working, said that the dog never leaves his side. “The dog would be sitting in a corner as long as the boy worked here. Ankit is self-respecting and would never take anything for free, not even milk for his dog,” he added.