Cyclone Biparjoy: High tides hit Gujarat coast, orange alert issued

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Cyclone Biparjoy is currently moving through the Arabian Sea after rapidly strengthening into a severe cyclonic storm. On Monday, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a Cyclone Biparjoy Orange alert.

“Cyclone Alert for Saurashtra & Kutch Coast: Orange Message. ESCS BIPARJPY at 0530IST of today over east-central & adjoining NE Arabian Sea near lat 19.2N & long 67.7E, about 380km SSW of Devbhumi Dwarka. To cross near Jakhau Port, Gujarat by noon of 15 June”, tweeted IMD.

According to information provided by the Deendayal Port Authority’s Public Relations Officer, officials in Kandla began relocating residents in low-lying regions to shelters in Gandhidham as soon as cyclone warnings were released. The port has already seen the departure of six ships, and 11 more will do so tomorrow.

The DM of Porbander, KD Lakhani, released a statement regarding the cyclone preparations. He claimed that in order to prepare for the storm’s effects, the district administration is collaborating with the government and numerous NGOs.

Heavy rains are expected, and low-lying and coastal areas have been given priority. For the safe evacuation of individuals in low-lying locations, 500-person capacity cyclone shelters have been created. In preparation for the cyclone, fishing licences were suspended, and all fishing boats were anchored securely.

“We have been coordinating with all the departments. We have communicated with people in the low-lying areas. We have prepared shelters to evacuate the population in the 30-31 villages of the coastal areas, whose families could be affected by the cyclone. There are four cyclone centres in the coastal areas, each can fit 500 people. No fishing permits have been given since June by the fishery department, and no fishermen are at deep sea without permits; we have made sure of that. All 4500 boats in the district have been anchored safely. Fishermen have been given the advisory. We are working with NGOs and the government, and are prepared to provide relief to areas affected by heavy rainfall,” said Lakhani in an update.

In Dwarka, Harshad village experienced the effects of the cyclone. The water from the sea reached the main markets of the village, creating a flooded situation where water found its way into the shops as well.

The Adani Mundra Port issued a Local Warning Signal Number 4, indicating a possible danger to the port and its ships on account of Cyclone Biparjoy. Small ships continue to be in use and the big ships have been instructed to remain at sea.

The city of Navsari experienced rainfall late at night due to the effects of the cyclone. The rain provided respite from the high temperatures and the heat. It is not currently raining there, however, high-speed winds and high tides hit the Navsari coasts, because of which people have been advised to not go near the coast.

The district administration has issued alerts and the preparation for evacuation of villages near the coast has already been made. The Police have been stationed near the coasts to prevent people from venturing there.

High-speed winds and high tidal waves were seen in Gujarat’s Navsari and Valsad.
Meanwhile, the cyclone continued to bring high tidal waves to the coast of Maharashtra.
As per reports, flight operations were affected in Mumbai last evening due to inclement weather conditions on account of Cyclone Biparjoy.