Covid vaccination dry run test held in Gandhinagar

125 beneficiaries were called for vaccination at different places.

Gandhinagar: A dry run test was conducted for corona vaccination in Gandhinagar city on Tuesday. The dry run test was held at five places decided in Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area. In the dry run test, 125 beneficiaries were called for vaccination at different places. Through this dry run, all the matters required for vaccination were closely monitored.

Gujarat State Immunisation Officer present at Sector-II Urban Health Center Dr Nayan Jani said that on Monday he had texted the beneficiaries of the corona vaccination and informed them to visit on Tuesday. The beneficiaries came on time at the Urban Health Center at Sector-7.They were then reassured and arranged to stand in social distance. All the beneficiaries who came after that were taken to the vaccination waiting room, from there they were being vaccinated against corona. One by one they were taken to the room where they were given an understanding of the vaccine. In the meanwhile, it was also closely monitored whether the necessary medical facilities were properly arranged in the vaccine room.

All the beneficiaries who were taken to the vaccination room were taken to a separate room after being vaccinated. They were kept there for half-an-hour. They were counselled. What benefits do you and your family get from getting them vaccinated during the council, how do you feel after getting the vaccine? Opinions will be sought on the vaccine and the facility, he said. They will also be sent a message that the vaccination has been successful.

Dr Jani further said that if the beneficiary who has received the message for vaccination cannot come to get the vaccine for any reason, they will be sent the message to come to the next round.

Medical Officer of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, Dr Kalpesh Goswami said that dry run for vaccination has been organized at five places in Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area today. These include Civil Hospital, Gandhinagar, Sector-3 Urban Health Center, Hitech Hospital, Indrada and Sector-3 Primary School. A total of 125 beneficiaries were called for dry run today at five centers.

Dr Goswami added that there are 1,824 frontline warriors in the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation area, as well as 4,286 healthcare warriors. In addition, details of 41,287 beneficiaries above 50 years of age are available. Along with it, details of 2,483 persons who are less than 50 years old, but are co-morbid are available.


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