Covid Is Here To Stay, Learn To Socialise Smartly To Keep Yourself And Family Safe

Ever since the latter half of 2020, there has been a universal fatigue with the constraints of Covid-19. Many among us have pulled down their masks, travelled for breaks, and attended lavish weddings and parties. However, each time we have let our guards down we have seen the offset of a new wave, and at times, a new variant! Typically, if we have the same (negative) experience repeatedly, it means that we haven’t learnt any lessons from the first or subsequent times. Clearly, the virus has identified our human weakness, the need to socialize, which is why it will become impossible to avoid Covid-19 if we do not learn to socialize smartly.

While there is a diversity of opinion among health professionals about how much risk is acceptable, most agree that some forms of socializing are safer than others. I have listed a few protocols below.

Do not share air: It is a well-known fact that viral load is much higher indoors than it is outdoors. In outdoor spaces it is possible to protect yourself from Covid by maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask. However, when you are indoors you must create a bubble; you are not safe anywhere if aerosolized transmission exists. Therefore, the simple guidance here is do not share the air!

Wear an N95 FFP2 mask: If we know that the virus is capitalising on our weakness, our need to socialise, then we need to socialise smartly either in open spaces or in well-ventilated spaces, where there is a strong air exchange and we are not breathing other has exhaled air. And if open air and ventilation are a no go, then a well-fitted, reusable, N95 FFP2 mask is the only other strategy left in the bag. If you are in environments where you are taking your mask off you are throwing caution to the wind at this point.

Meeting in small groups: It is advisable to meet your friends in smaller groups in safe, outdoor settings. Try to minimize the number of contacts you have.

In addition to the above protocols, we all know for a fact that in different social scenarios, we will always come across people who are risk averse. Of the many ways Covid -19 has changed our lives, social distancing is among the toughest for many people to bear. So, it is only natural that you will find people around you looking for loopholes that allow them to live a carefree life. While you can educate such people about the importance of masking up and social distancing, they may or may not take your advice into consideration. So if you are taking all the right precautions, such as wearing a well-fitted N95 FFP2 mask and keeping your distance from others, you are safe.

To conclude, I firmly believe that you can only beat science with science, and we all have a role to play in stopping the spread of Covid-19, let us all follow the science and do our best to socialize smartly.

The Author is Founding Member of the citizen movement ‘My Right to breathe’ and Founder & CEO of Nirvana Being, premier global Indian clean air Solutions Company

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