Covid cases in China are nearing a record high, with Beijing having the highest number

China’s virus cases increased once more, approaching the pandemic’s peak. The country reported 24,028 infections on Thursday, the most since April when an outbreak in Shanghai prompted a surge in the national case tally. Authorities have indicated that they are bracing for an increase in infections as the country relaxes some of its Covid Zero regulations.

Here are the latest Covid news from China:

1. Guangzhou, China’s southern manufacturing hub, remains a hotspot, with over 9,000 new cases.

2. Chongqing, China’s most populous city, reported 4,631 new infections.

3. Since the virus policy changes were announced on Friday, the number of national cases has more than doubled.

4. China will construct more hospitals that specialise in treating moderate to severe Covid patients, as well as ensure that intensive care units account for 10% of all hospital beds in order to care for the most vulnerable patients.

5. Even as restrictions ease in other areas, parts of some Guangzhou districts remain closed.

6. On Thursday, Beijing reported 458 local cases, the most of the current wave.

7. Some public places, such as gyms and shops in the Chaoyang district, where the majority of cases have been discovered, have closed, and schools in the affected area have switched to online classes.

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