Congress Ramps Up Rajasthan Operations with State Unit Meeting


On Monday, Rajasthan Congress Screening Committee President Gaurav Gogoi and other party leaders held a meeting in Jaipur, given the upcoming assembly elections in the state.
State Unit President Govind Singh Dotasara and co-incharge Amrita Dhawan were also present during the meeting. Cabinet ministers Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, Mamta Bhupesh, Tikaram Julie, Govindram Meghwal, Ramesh Meena, and Murari Lal Meena were also the names who reached the Congress War Room in Jaipur to attend the meeting.
While attending the meeting, Cabinet Minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas said, “The Congress party runs on the voice of the public, keeping in mind what the common man thinks, what the public representative should be in his eyes, the Congress gives tickets keeping all these things in mind. Today, BJP leaders abuse Congress every day, and the public is abusing BJP because the gas cylinder which Gehlot government is providing in Rajasthan for 500, the central government is charging 1100 to 1200 for it.” Rajasthan is scheduled to go to the polls later this year with the BJP and the incumbent Congress locked in a straight fight. Women and Child Development Minister Mamta Bhupesh said “The chairman of the screening committee has come here, and I think this will give more strength to the election process. Along with the discussion about what is happening, the Government’s Vision 2030 and the issues with which it should go among the public and serve the public, all these issues will be discussed. There is an atmosphere in favour of Congress in Rajasthan, therefore a large number of candidates are coming forward in every assembly constituency.”
The leaders who came to attend the meeting said that the atmosphere in Rajasthan is in favour of the Congress, and this time the Congress will definitely win the elections and repeat the government. Cabinet Minister Govind Ram Meghwal, who came to attend the meeting, said, “He has taken the pulse of the candidates and workers by going to different areas. This time there is enthusiasm among the people regarding the plans of the state government, and there is displeasure with the way BJP made fun of the constitution in the whole country. The ticket will be given to anyone, whoever gets the ticket, everyone will stand with him and send him after winning.”