PM Narendra Modi

Ahead of Gujarat assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the Congress model means nepotism, casteism and vote bank politics. The “Congress model” has ruined Gujarat and the country. Campaigning for BJP candidates in Gujarat’s Mehsana, PM Modi said, “Congress party means billions of rupees corruption, Congress model means nepotism, Congress model means casteism, vote bank politics.” Lauding BJP for its policies, he said, “If the country is to be taken forward in the next 25 years, only BJP’s policies, practices and tactics will work.” BJP does not follow the policy of bigotry and discrimination, so the youth of the country trusts the policy of BJP, he added. Hailing the development of Gujarat, he said, “20 years ago, the electricity generated from coal in Gujarat was only 55 MW, today, 17,000 MW electricity is generated from coal in Gujarat.” “Twenty years ago, wind power was not an objective in Gujarat. Today, 10,000 mega watts of electricity is obtained from wind energy in Gujarat,” he added. “Today more daughters are born than sons,” he said. PM Modi exuded confidence that people of Gujarat will give historic victory to BJP. “Today Gujaratis have only one slogan… once again… Modi government,” he stated. “In the last 20 years, Gujarat has changed a lot. Today’s generation does not know the scarcity Gujarat faced. This generation has not seen scarcity. For this, the previous generation has worked hard,” Modi stated.