In an exclusive India News interview, BJP leader Diya Kumari shares her election strategy for Rajasthan ahead of the upcoming legislative assembly polls.
Q. How do you feel about being given the opportunity to contest from your hometown, Jaipur, in the upcoming elections
A-This is a matter of pride for me. The party has given me the opportunity to contest from Jaipur, my hometown. Before becoming a Member of Parliament, I represented Sawai Madhopur in the Bharatpur division of East Rajasthan. It’s a moment of great joy as I get to serve the people of my own city. I am filled with enthusiasm and happiness to be given the ticket from my own home, looking forward to serving my family and the people of Jaipur.
Q- Does it feel like you have come back home?
A. Absolutely, it feels like that. While it was true before, now it is even more accurate as we are very close to home. Our team has been working hard, and their dedication has strengthened our campaign. The response from the public is excellent, and it’s all due to their hard work on the ground.
Q- Were you eager to contest in the Vidhan Sabha election, and what strategy did you and the party employ, including yourself as a candidate?
A. No, it wasn’t like I was eager; there was no such discussion. I received information a day before the announcement that I would be contesting from Vidhyadhar Nagar. There was no pre-planning, and it was entirely the party’s decision. In every election, the party decides which constituency I should contest from. It’s not my personal choice but a decision made by the party.
Q- How do you feel about the current political atmosphere, as you mentioned that it has been a long time? You are actively campaigning in the state and Jaipur. How do you perceive the situation?
A. The situation is very favorable. People are fed up with the Congress; their mismanagement and corruption have hindered any developmental work. The safety of women, which was never such a concern in Rajasthan, has become alarming. There are about 20 reported incidents of atrocities against women during the day. The people of Rajasthan have decided to give a massive victory to the BJP, winning every seat.
Q- We saw a similar trend in MP with the Laadli scheme, where women voters played a crucial role. Do you agree that in Rajasthan as well, women voters could sway away from the Congress and support your party?
A. The women voters of Rajasthan are tired of the Congress. Simply offering freebies does not guarantee votes. Rajasthanis take pride in their self-sufficiency and do not want to accept anything for free. They seek security, development, good roads, electricity, and water—basic necessities that the government hasn’t adequately provided by merely announcing them in the last six months. This alone won’t convince them to form the government.
Q- In your continuous speeches, you have raised both state and national issues. Who will dominate in this election? What national issues might influence voters compared to local ones?
A. All the schemes implemented by PM Modi have reached the people, whether it’s about free ration, vaccinations, or the construction of roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna. The state government has not done anything significant. Every household has access to water through schemes like PM Awas Yojana and Ujjwala Yojana. Modi government has executed these projects. They have built national highways, introduced new trains and stopped, established medical colleges, constructed stadiums through the Khelo India initiative, and more. Modi Ji and the central government deserve credit for these initiatives. Gehlot Ji, on the other hand, only puts his photo on ration distribution but doesn’t do any real work.
Q. Is the party united? Any change in leadership?
A. No, we are united, working together as a team, and the BJP is functioning well.
Q. Do you think the fact that Diya Kumari’s ancestors founded this city gives you an advantage?
A. Absolutely, that connection is there. It’s crucial and definitely an advantage for me. Jaipur was established by the Singh family, and the traditions continue. Whatever was built is still running.