Congress leader Wadettiwar calls for OBC quota protection


Senior Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar has emphasized the need for the Maharashtra government to provide a written assurance that it will not allocate reservations to any community from the existing quota allocated to the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category. Speaking to reporters, Wadettiwar, who serves as the Leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly, highlighted the ongoing unrest and demands for quotas from various segments of society.
“The state government must give in writing that they will not provide quota to any community from the existing reservations for the OBCs,” he said.
He expressed concern over the inability of the state government to address quota-related issues, pointing out that several groups across Maharashtra are resorting to hunger strikes in protest. Wadettiwar criticized the government›s handling of OBC reservation matters and accused it of not fulfilling its promise to the Dhangar community in 2014 regarding quotas.
“The issue of OBC reservation is a sin of the current government. It had earlier, in 2014, promised quota to the Dhangar community. This government has nothing to do with OBCs or those from the Maratha community,» he alleged.
In the backdrop of Maratha communities seeking reservations, multiple OBC groups in Nagpur have been on a hunger strike, opposing the state government›s proposal to provide Kunbi certificates to a section of Marathas for reservation purposes. Kunbis currently benefit from reservations within the OBC category.