Congress had stalled construction of Ram Temple: Pramod Krishnam


As poll fervour has gripped five states of the country, political parties have ramped up their campaigning for their electoral benefits. Star campaigners of different parties have also marshalled their rhetoric, but some are exceptions and one of them is Congress’ Acharya Pramod Krishnam who has always made headlines and created row by going against the general policy of the party. In an exclusive interview with India News, he shared his own views about the problems that Congress is gripped with. Excerpts:
Q: Why are you delivering anti-Congress speeches, especially when five states of the country are in election mode?
A: I am not speaking against anybody or the party I belong to but I must say that the grand old party of the country has deviated from its path, legacy, tradition and to name a few. Who opposed Ram, Ram Temple and Hindutva? I feel a certain section of Congress leaders opposed it, leading to the disillusionment of people from the party. The whole world knows who stalled the construction of the Ram Temple. This is not a mystery. Being a Congress leader does not mean that I should not speak the truth. First of all, I am a Hindu and a follower of the Sanatana dharma and this religion tells me not to muzzle the truth.
Q: What do you mean by a certain section of Congress leaders who oppose Hindutva, Ram and Ram Temple?
A: I am not in favour of naming a few Congress leaders but the fact remains that people understood well the Congress’ design behind the Ram Temple. People have become quite aware of the fact that the oldest party of the country has lost itself somewhere in the vortex of parochial politics. Mahatma Gandhi had talked about the Sanatana dharma but the Congress undermined it by continuously becoming indifferent to the overall cause of Hindus and it is clear to everybody. India knows and all Indians know it.
Q: Why are you criticising your own party?
A: I am not criticising my own or any other party. I am just giving you the pulse of the nation and what the people of this country have overall idea about Congress. Again, this does not mean that my criticism of the Congress will benefit the BJP. It may be a poll issue but my thinking is far removed from election suitability.